Becky in the Woods.

Master Keith and Slave Becki17:36 minutesBDSM
Becky in the Woods. 0
Becky in the Woods. 1
Becky in the Woods. 2
Becky in the Woods. 3
Becky in the Woods. 4

Mastyer Keith has taken slave becky ot the woods, and of course it wont be for a picnic, she is tied to a tree and gagged, and then Master spanks her, fingers her pussy to make her orgasm and alot more ............

Autumns Debt.

Master Keith and Slave Autumn17:08 minutesBDSM
Autumns Debt. 0
Autumns Debt. 1
Autumns Debt. 2
Autumns Debt. 3
Autumns Debt. 4

Corsetted and ball gagged, Master Keith fetshes Autumn form the boot of the car and takes her to the garden, here he chains her up & spanks her arse before taking her into the workshop. Hefastens her hands above her head and slaps her tits and pussy before giving her a good hard flogging ... then he puts her tits in a tit clamp just for good measure before biting them and giving her another hard flogging....

Owes Rent.

Master Keith and Slave Becki20:25 minutesBDSM
Owes Rent. 0
Owes Rent. 1
Owes Rent. 2
Owes Rent. 3
Owes Rent. 4

Slave Becki owes Master Keith her rent yet again and this time he is oging ot teach her lesson for not paying.. She cuffed and chained and sitting on an old tyre in a workshop and Mistress Deville is on standby... Master Keith arrives and the fun begins... A few slaps to her pussy then she is made to stand on a chair and her arms fastened up above her head, he torments her tits and then produces a butternut squash... Not to eat of course but it does make a great dildo !!... After some fun with this he leaves her chained up in an old toilet. . . .

Slave C's Dilemma

Master Keith and Slave C20:00 minutesBDSM
Slave C's Dilemma 0
Slave C's Dilemma 1
Slave C's Dilemma 2
Slave C's Dilemma 3
Slave C's Dilemma 4

It certainly is a dilemma for Slave C when Master Keith puts her in an arm bag, makes her kneel in the old garden ,  then he takes her into an old workshop puts an electric collar on her and he makes no bones in telling her what it does .. And it will make her dance !!!... he hoists her arms up and uses a carpet beater on her arse, this is follwed by a tennis raquet and a good old fashioned hand spanking, then he finds an old shovel too !!!...

Mud Wrestling

Master Keith, Slave Hillie, and Slave Suzi17:00 minutesBDSM
Mud Wrestling 0
Mud Wrestling 1
Mud Wrestling 2
Mud Wrestling 3
Mud Wrestling 4

Susie and Lily are enjoying a relaxful afternoon in the sun, reading newspapers and deciding its time tio strip off and apply some sun tan lotion ... But it does not stop at rubbing the lotion on one another and some sexy antics with a vibrator and tongues soon follows... But, Master Keith & his cohort arrive and catch them in the act and there is not way they are getting away with playing with each other... A bucket of cold water will soon cool them off but it is not the end for the hapless slaves!!!!....... Watch them writhe about in the mud, get hosed off and much more...

Suspended Blonde

Master Keith and Slave J15:55 minutesBDSM
Suspended Blonde 0
Suspended Blonde 1
Suspended Blonde 2
Suspended Blonde 3
Suspended Blonde 4

Slave J is already in trouble, and Master Keith knows just what to do, he has her ball gagged, breasts in the breast clamp and arms & legs  held wide apart by spreader bars... He puts two large hooks in her pussy and then watch the fun begin as he has her hanging around, LITERALLY !!!!