Two Slavegirls Veggie Torment 0
Two Slavegirls Veggie Torment 1
Two Slavegirls Veggie Torment 2
Two Slavegirls Veggie Torment 3
Two Slavegirls Veggie Torment 4

Slavegirl Rhiasnnon has decided to become a vegertarian and Master Keith decides if she wants that well then so be it, but not in the way she imagines, ingenoius use of leeks and other veggies take place .... he makes Emma Louise lick Rhiannos pussy and a courgete comes into play as well !!

Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  0
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  1
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  2
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  3
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  4

Slave rhisannon is relaing on the gyne bench but not for long because Master Keith has arrived, he grabs a huge glass dildo and begins working the slave off on it !!... He torments her tits and squeezes then and her nipples, then he places an even larger dildo on the rack and makes her work herself on it while he plays with her tits.... She worships his boots before being put on the whipping bench whre he spanks her cute arse... However its not over because out come the clothes pegs . . . .

Slave M's Electric Torment 0
Slave M's Electric Torment 1
Slave M's Electric Torment 2
Slave M's Electric Torment 3
Slave M's Electric Torment 4

Slave M is a little different ot most slavegirls, she has more than 2 nipples !!!.. Caged and waiting for Master in the dungeon he arrives and fianlly lets her out & ties her to the cage door, a few well aimed slaps to her pussy and clamps attached and out comes the violet wand !!! Hot wax follows but he does let her have a cigarette!!!

Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 0
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 1
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 2
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 3
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 4

Slave Rhiannon has arrived at Masters and is let in by Charlie & taken striaght down to the dungeon to Master.. she is made ot lay on the floor where Master and his helper put cuffs on the slave... She is then put on the whipping bench and tied securely onto it and Master spanks her and then Master and Charlie take it in turns to use a crop and paddle on her arse... Clamps and weights are put on her pussy but what happens next ????

Master's Candle

Master Keith and Slave J26:03 minutesBDSM
Master's Candle 0
Master's Candle 1
Master's Candle 2
Master's Candle 3
Master's Candle 4

Slave J has been left in the cgae and now Master has arrived to release her... He takes her into the main part of the dungeon, puts some cuffs on her and fingers her pussy before putting her legs into suspension to keep them open !!... A candle is put into her pussy and lit 7 the wax left to drip all over her lips and pussy !!!... He finally removes the candle and uses a flogger on her arse and finally makes her suck his cock.

The Castle - Part Two 0
The Castle - Part Two 1
The Castle - Part Two 2
The Castle - Part Two 3
The Castle - Part Two 4

Part Two of the Castke Trilogy... Poor Slave Crystal is still being tormented by the bitch Alisia and Master Keith... Here her tits are put into bondage by Master then she is laid on a bench and her pussy flogged... Clamps and weights are put on her pussy lips she is made to clean Mistress's shoes... with her tongue, and she is suspended...

Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  0
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  1
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  2
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  3
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  4

Slave Leia has been taken to Master keiths workshop where she is chianed up and ball gagged, he bites her tits, adds some clamps to her pussy lips and pops some weights on them. Then he brings over a haudralic jack and inserts the handle up herp ussy before lowering her down onto it and lfogging her... But of ocurse this is Master keith and there is more... alot more becaue Mistress Persia arrives and joins in !!!!

Alia's Breast Bondage 0
Alia's Breast Bondage 1
Alia's Breast Bondage 2
Alia's Breast Bondage 3
Alia's Breast Bondage 4

Master Spider enjoys putting Slave Alia's huge tits into bondage and tormenting them, and here he does just that but not before he has put clothes pegs on them and tormented them, flogged them and genrally made her moan alot !!!... He puts her onto the suspension frame fingers her pussy, uses a pin wheel on her tits and leaves her there!!...

His Flying Gimp.

Slave Gimp and Master Keith17:26 minutesBDSM
His Flying Gimp. 0
His Flying Gimp. 1
His Flying Gimp. 2
His Flying Gimp. 3
His Flying Gimp. 4

Master Keith has a new gimp and he is going to have some fun with her... So she is taken upstairs and here she is put into a rope harness , ball gagged, some clamps are put on her nipples and pussy lips , he adds some weights just for good measure and he fingers her to orgasm...but its not over yet !!!

Baked Bean Wrestling 0
Baked Bean Wrestling 1
Baked Bean Wrestling 2
Baked Bean Wrestling 3
Baked Bean Wrestling 4

Master Keith decided that seeing pretty fmeale slaves naked and wrestling in a huge pool of baked beans would be great fun !!... Who will be the champion, fun and mess as the pretty girls wrestle naked in the pool... ding ding round one, round two ...