Geishas First Whipping

Master Keith15:35 minutesBDSM
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Geishas First Whipping 1
Geishas First Whipping 2
Geishas First Whipping 3
Geishas First Whipping 4

Geisha is naked, Master likes naked bodies and more so when he gets to whip and flog them ..

Correction Unit 2

Master Keith14:53 minutesBDSM
Correction Unit 2 0
Correction Unit 2 1
Correction Unit 2 2
Correction Unit 2 3
Correction Unit 2 4

If you misbehave then expect to pay for it.. Inside the correction unit the female guard soon makes the inmate pay for her indiscretions, its over the desk and a serious spanking occurs..

Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  0
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  1
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  2
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  3
Young Mistresses Runt . . . .  4

Ex Slaves make great Dominatrices or so it is said, and 3 ex slaves really know how to treat another, or do they??.. Salve Crystal had sneaked out and came back only to find the 3 new Dommes enjoying a chat, Crystal soon regrets her actions as the 3 of them whip, spank, paddle and flog her  as well as putting very heavy weights on her cunt piercings

Mistress's New Girl .... 0
Mistress's New Girl .... 1
Mistress's New Girl .... 2
Mistress's New Girl .... 3
Mistress's New Girl .... 4

Mistress Stascia makes her new slave have a bath and shave her pussy, once this is completed Rhiannon is otld to report to the dungeon where she is given slave silks to put on and made to do a sexy pole...Then Mistress ties her ot the pole, spanks her arse and then pops a lit candle in the slaves cunt.