Master's Candle

Master Keith and Slave J26:03 minutesBDSM
Master's Candle 0
Master's Candle 1
Master's Candle 2
Master's Candle 3
Master's Candle 4

Slave J has been left in the cgae and now Master has arrived to release her... He takes her into the main part of the dungeon, puts some cuffs on her and fingers her pussy before putting her legs into suspension to keep them open !!... A candle is put into her pussy and lit 7 the wax left to drip all over her lips and pussy !!!... He finally removes the candle and uses a flogger on her arse and finally makes her suck his cock.

Suspended Blonde

Master Keith and Slave J15:55 minutesBDSM
Suspended Blonde 0
Suspended Blonde 1
Suspended Blonde 2
Suspended Blonde 3
Suspended Blonde 4

Slave J is already in trouble, and Master Keith knows just what to do, he has her ball gagged, breasts in the breast clamp and arms & legs  held wide apart by spreader bars... He puts two large hooks in her pussy and then watch the fun begin as he has her hanging around, LITERALLY !!!!