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Ballet Boot Suspension  4

Oh dear, bad move Slave J, playing with yourself and getting caught by Master Keith! On go the ballet boots, the corset is, tightened cuffs are put on. There is no escape for the slave... After starting Slave J's training in the boots, Master Keith then takes her upstairs where she is hung upside down with her arms chained behind her back. A strap is used on her arse and also a flogger. She is left to struggle for an hour then Master returns, lets her down and fingers her pussy...

Master's Coming to See You... 0
Master's Coming to See You... 1
Master's Coming to See You... 2
Master's Coming to See You... 3
Master's Coming to See You... 4

Mistress Deville brings Slave j down into the dungeon. But it is not long before Master Keith arrives. After riding on her back he ties her tightly over the spanking bench, adds some clamps and weights to her pussy lips and then straps them to her arse before giving her a hard caning ....

Grandfather Tests .... 0
Grandfather Tests .... 1
Grandfather Tests .... 2
Grandfather Tests .... 3
Grandfather Tests .... 4

Some nice old fashioned corporal punishment ... Some seriously hard spanking, tthree pretty girls and one old man !!!.. The girls get spanked, strapped and alot more ..... Lots of sore red arses and fun ...