The Slave is Late

Mistress Demonic23:29 MinutenFemdom
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The Slave is Late 4

Oh dear it looks like Slave Leo is in trouble, he is late back from a night out and Mistress Demonic is not at all happy about that... So once in her dungeon Leo is subjected to humiliation, electro torment and bondage , but he is permitted to massage his Mistress' feet.

Tormented Upside Down 0
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Tormented Upside Down 4

 Slave is in trouble, she's been tied up upside down by Master Keith and he's ready to punish her. She's flogged, fucked and has candles put in her pussy and ass.

The Torment of Carol

Master Keith14:27 MinutenBDSM
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It all starts with a hook through Carols clit hood piercing, a chain is added and it is then hooked to the ceiling pulling the clit hood upwards !, then Master Keith applies lots of lcothes pegs to her pussy lips ... A vibrator is then put up her pussy and used before he removes the pegs and grabs a ribbed vibrator and uses that too!!!... He eventually releases her lcit hood, unties her and makes her carry him around the dungeon on her bakc,.. of course thats not all, this is Master Keith after all . . . .

Master's Candle

Master Keith und Slave J26:03 MinutenBDSM
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Slave J has been left in the cgae and now Master has arrived to release her... He takes her into the main part of the dungeon, puts some cuffs on her and fingers her pussy before putting her legs into suspension to keep them open !!... A candle is put into her pussy and lit 7 the wax left to drip all over her lips and pussy !!!... He finally removes the candle and uses a flogger on her arse and finally makes her suck his cock.