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Master Keith and a couple of friends and slaves have gone on holiday, of course out comes the buggy after all Master Keith is famous worldwide for ponygirls ! He trots her up the lanes in full view of other holiday makers! Then he tethers her to a post while he enjoys a cigarette . . . Once he has finished it back up the village lanes and streets he goes, before coming to rest in a flied, here he strips her off ...but what happens next?

Buggy Racing ....

Master Keith17:18 MinutenBDSM
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In a field with plenty of spectators Master Keith harnesses up his pretty slavegirls, but its not just one buggy, this is a race against Master Keith's friends...and he better win the race or ....

Trainee Pony Girl Part One 0
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Sugarlump is finally getting her wish to be a pony girl, and here Master Keith puts her through her paces, firstly she pulls him on his chariot, fully harnessed up with arm binders, corset, and corset gag as well.. He has her high stepping and to keep her in line a few well aimed pussy slaps do not go a miss !!.. One for Pony Girl fans !

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Master keith has always been the king of Ponygirls, and here he has one of them corsetted & tethered by her wrists in his workshop. He crops her arse and then it's on to some serious training for a show ... On with the arm bag and bridle and reins and trotttttttttttttttt  . . . . Then he pops her into the chariot, and so the show begins, we see Master Keith and his ponygirls performing at the famous Skin Two Ball . . .

Trainee Pony Girl.  0
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It is slave Sugarlumps 1st day of training to be one of Master Keith's ponygirls... Corsetted, he soon adds an armbag and ponybit... Some high stepping, an appearance by Mistress Demonic  who decides to add a corset gag..... Then its more high stepping and into the buggy !!!

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Slavegirl Pony Antics.  4

Master Keith is well known for pony training !!... corsetted and an arm bag added he soon puts slave Gemma through her paces so to speak !!!>. Definitely one for the Master Keith fans with breast bondage, whips arm bags, buggys and more !!!