Stascia's Slave

Slave J33:05 MinutenFemdom
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Mistress Stascia was a good slave but now she has turned Domme, and in the dungeon with her male slave she holds nothing back, bondage, nipple torture cock and ball torture with very heavy weights, stinging nettles, lemon juice rubbed in the sore bits...and much more ...

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Slave Rhiannon is laid in her Mistresses lounge ,reading a book and playing with her pussy (as usual) of course the silly girl does not expect Mistress Jolene to come marching in, & of course Mistress is not happy because Rhiannon has not done the cleaning either !.. Not only that but Rhiannon is also wearing Master Keith's jacket, her hair is not tidy AND she hasn't even got her shoes on ... Mistress Jolene is furious and immediately admonishes the hapless slave, she begins by trampling her breasts and tormenting her pussy... Cuffs are put on & the slave is then put on the cross where Mistress slaps her hard in the pussy & discoveres the girl is very wet in deed, Mistress leaves the slave on the cross to await the arrival of Master Keith ... On his arrival he puts the suction cup on Rhiannons nipples and stretches them , he then too discovers just how wet the little sluts pussy is, and fingers her, takes her down from the cross and tightens her corset before slapping her cute arse. He then rides her into the other part of the dungeon like a horse and puts her on the swinging bench, fastening her ankles and wrists and popping mouse traps on her labia to keep them open ...

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Master Keith has a new slave girl, and she has just erant herslef her forst puinshment for misbehaving .. She is taken to the dungeon, naked and her arms tied above her head, he pulls and twists her nipples then puts her over the whipping bench, once secured he grabs a paddle and paddles her arse harshly before untying her and re-suspending her arms above her head adding mouse traps to her nipples ...


Prison Guard und The Judge16:31 MinutenBDSM
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Paris has been caught and the Colonel will now deal with her, he begins by ripping off her dress, all under the watchful eye of a female prison guard... he torments her nipples and adds nipple clamps but not before cruelly twisting them ... then he adds clamps to her pussy lips before finally using a cane on her, then the female guard takes off her knickers and Paris is made to lick and eat her pussy . . . .

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Danielle is under the whip and cane and paddle of Ms E.Vie and is put on the whipping bench to be delat with!.. After the caning and with a sore arse she is laid on her back on another whipping bench and clothespegs are put on her nipples and a crop is used, then as a treat she is fingered and fisted !

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It certainly is a dilemma for Sahara and her cohort, the prison guard is quite a ruthless character and he wastes no time in tying the hapless Sahara to a cross and stripping her of her clothing ... Her nipples are the first thing to be tormented, twisted and then on go the clamps.  Her pussy is also adorned with clamps then out comes the cane .... But is wont stop there, a female guard arrives and its a fucking machine, flogging and hard arse treatment abounding ...

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Master Keith brings a naked Salve Emma-Louise down to his dungeon, he immediately makes her lay on the floor and puts his boot on her breasts, fastening her legs behind the pole he begins to flog her arse while berating her for playing with her Slave sister. a spanking follows after he inserts a crystal butt plug ... Mouse traps are put onto her labia, and he relases her from the pole only to make her stand and using a leg spreader and adding weights to the mouse traps !!!.... Slave Rhiannon is then brought down to the dungeon and now his fun really begins, with Rhiannon in suspension and a mouth gag added more mouse traps and plenty of torment for her !!!

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Master Keith & Mistress Persia have some fun with a female slave... Tied to the cross, mousetraps put on her nipples, her pussy fingered and slapped, her arse flogged, made to kiss Mistresses boots, her pussy licked and sucked on by Mistress and a candle put up and lit then hot wax dripped on her arse !!!!!...