Nightmare Krankenschwestern 0
Nightmare Krankenschwestern 1
Nightmare Krankenschwestern 2
Nightmare Krankenschwestern 3
Nightmare Krankenschwestern 4
Der Sklave ist führen Sie die das Verlies durch eine der Schwestern von seinem Penis , wird als auf den Stuhl mit den Beinen band er abgesehen verschüttet , 
und ein besonderes Mundstück eingesetzt ist. Er hat als Heftklammern in die Brust gelegt , er hat ein als Nadeln durch seine Augenbrauen durchbohrt , 
als sie legen Spitze durch die Heftklammern in einem Korsett Art von Band. Nach einer Weile hat er als seinen Penis mehrmals geschlagen von den Geliebten .

Er ist als umgezogen und hat die Hände abgeschnitten, um eine mentale Rahmen über ihn und seine Beine nach oben als auch gebunden , 
sie als Ort Heringe auf seinen Penis, und hängen Gewichte seine Bälle, wenn der Penis und Hoden Stück endet , ist er beugte sich vor und versohlt


Nightmare Nurses

Mistress Danhella31:03 MinutenFemdom
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Nightmare Nurses 1
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Nightmare Nurses 4

The slave is lead down the the dungeon by one of the nurses by his penis, he is than tied to the chair with his legs spilt apart, and a special mouth piece inserted. He than has staples put into his chest, he than has a needles pierced through his eyebrows, they than put lace through the staples in a corset type of ribbon. After awhile he than has his penis slapped several times by the mistresses. He is than moved and has his hands clipped to a metal frame above him, and has his legs tied up as well, they than place pegs upon his penis, and hang weights off his balls, when the cock and ball play ends, he is bent over and spanked

Piercing Torment

Master Keith32:12 MinutenBDSM
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Piercing Torment 1
Piercing Torment 2
Piercing Torment 3
Piercing Torment 4

 Master Keith has a two slave girls, a lot of needles and several ideas on what to do with those two things together. 

Doctor Keith Electrics 0
Doctor Keith Electrics 1
Doctor Keith Electrics 2
Doctor Keith Electrics 3
Doctor Keith Electrics 4

 Master Keith has decided to do a doctors examination with a difference on a female slave. She's made to strip and is bound to the gynaecological examination chair and then her pussy is opened up with clamps so the doctor can get a proper look. He then decides to put needles through her outer labia and finally puts a glass tube violet wand in her pussy.

Nurses Discipline  0
Nurses Discipline  1
Nurses Discipline  2
Nurses Discipline  3
Nurses Discipline  4
Two latex clad nurses treat a slave to a medical examination with a difference. First they tie up the slave who already has needles through his eyebrows and needles and ribbon in his chest. They then proceed to put pegs on his cock, and clamps with weights on his balls. Once they feel the pegs have been on a sufficient time they remove them quickly to give him a little bit of a shock, then the clamps are removed. Finally they spank him and then take the needles out of him.

Mistress' New Girl Watches

30:57 MinutenBDSM
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Mistress' New Girl Watches 1
Mistress' New Girl Watches 2
Mistress' New Girl Watches 3
Mistress' New Girl Watches 4
Mistress has a new slave girl to train, and another male slave to punish, so she brings them both to the dungeon to teach her slave girl what she's in for. She ties the slave girl to the St Andrews cross to watch as the male slave is told to cross dress for Mistress. Mistress then sends him to do the dishes whilst still in sissy wear so she can whip the slave girl. She then ties the slave's balls, whips him and attaches the rope from his balls to a suspension point and hangs weights from it. Mistress then mummifies him and runs claws over him. Finally Mistress pierces him through his upper back and runs a violet wand over his back and ass.