Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  0
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  1
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  2
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  3
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  4

Master Keith has a good friend, Mr B Stretch, and Mr Stretch loves nothing more than using his hand made wooden arsehole stretchers on female slaves. They are so beautifully made, and he inserts them in size order stretching Annika's arse more and more...

The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 0
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 1
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 2
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 3
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 4

Master Keith is so fed up of Slave J , she is rude, gobby, rebellious, and totally obnoxious, so Master decides it is high time she was taught a lesson she will not forget .... And he enlists the help of Master Nyle to help... Firstly she is put onto the St Andrews Cross where needles and chains are put thru her nipples, lots of ropes and chains are added before she is put over the whipping horse and her arse is beaten !!!

Slavegirl Bondage 0
Slavegirl Bondage 1
Slavegirl Bondage 2
Slavegirl Bondage 3
Slavegirl Bondage 4

 Slave Sugarlump has got herself into a predicament, Master has decided she to be tied up. She got a bridle with a ball gag in and Master cuffs her wrists to a bar hanging to the ceiling and a spreader bar between her legs. Master makes her dance to amuse him and then puts a chain between her leg to the upper bar, and no matter how she struggles she can't get free.

Doctor Keith Electrics 0
Doctor Keith Electrics 1
Doctor Keith Electrics 2
Doctor Keith Electrics 3
Doctor Keith Electrics 4

 Master Keith has decided to do a doctors examination with a difference on a female slave. She's made to strip and is bound to the gynaecological examination chair and then her pussy is opened up with clamps so the doctor can get a proper look. He then decides to put needles through her outer labia and finally puts a glass tube violet wand in her pussy.

Pole Hanging

Master Keith und Slave Rhiannon12:09 MinutenBDSM
Pole Hanging 0
Pole Hanging 1
Pole Hanging 2

Slave Rhiannon is in trouble so Master Keith tapes and mummfies her to a spinning pole with a gas mask on and clamps on her labia. He flogs and spanks her, and spins her round. Finally he makes her mop in a gas mask to make up for her shortcomings.

Slave BrustschmerzenKlemme 0
Slave BrustschmerzenKlemme 1
Slave BrustschmerzenKlemme 2
Slave BrustschmerzenKlemme 3
Slave BrustschmerzenKlemme 4
Eine schöne , weiche breasted Frau ist teilweise von ihr breastes nachdem geklemmt suspendiert und wird sowohl von den Schmerzen vergnügte und von einem großen schwarzen Gurt auf gefickt, sie wird auch ausgepeitscht und zurückhaltend, während der Qual des Lebens.


Slave Angel made to cum in pain...(Slave Angel's Saga Part 1) 0
Slave Angel made to cum in pain...(Slave Angel's Saga Part 1) 1
Slave Angel made to cum in pain...(Slave Angel's Saga Part 1) 2
Slave Angel made to cum in pain...(Slave Angel's Saga Part 1) 3
Slave Angel made to cum in pain...(Slave Angel's Saga Part 1) 4
Slave Sarah is put in bondage. Slave Angel helps Master Keith tie her up and she is put onto a cross. It's Slave Angel's turn next and Master Keith plays with her pussy before restraining her arms by clipping them to her corset. Then he makes her dripping pussy squirt as she cums helplessly. Now her pussy is all sensitive he whips it and teases her. Then he puts on of her tits in a viscious clamp and chains up her arms high behind her and hangs a whole house brick off her clamped tit. Angel bravely takes it as she is fisted and the breast clamp is pulled off by the weight of the brick. Master Keith fists her and she cums in pain, panting and squealing.
Slave repr 0
Slave repr 1
Slave repr 2
Slave repr 3
Slave repr 4
Master Keith und Herrin Jolene Team bis zu einen Sklaven zu quälen , die Slaves Brüste geklemmt ,
und Ketten befestigt sind , ihre Brüste sind auch zusammen mit ihrer Pussy gepeitscht,
sie später gefesselt und oral auf ihr von einem verzeihe Herrin durchgeführt , sie später wurde eine Kerze angezündet und in ihre Vagina gesteckt ,
während mehr Wachs auf ihr gegossen.


Geishas First Whipping

Master Keith15:35 MinutenBDSM
Geishas First Whipping 0
Geishas First Whipping 1
Geishas First Whipping 2
Geishas First Whipping 3
Geishas First Whipping 4

Geisha is naked, Master likes naked bodies and more so when he gets to whip and flog them ..

Geishas breat torment

Master Keith15:44 MinutenBDSM
Geishas breat torment 0
Geishas breat torment 1
Geishas breat torment 2
Geishas breat torment 3
Geishas breat torment 4

Master Keith decides to have some fun with slave geisha, well she may not think it fun , but however he puts her into a tit clamp, and very soon she is hanging from her tits in the dungeon.