Breast Waxing

14:57 MinutenFemdom
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Mistress has a pretty slavegirl and Mistress loves nothing more than playing with candles resulting in hot wax being poured, in this instance on the slaves tits.

The Diary of Ms. Serenity 0
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 1
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 2
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 3
The Diary of Ms. Serenity 4
Miss Serenity takes a slave into Demonic's Dungeon. She ties him to a whipping bench and gives him a good beating before covering him in hot wax. Watch this sometime slave turn the tables!
Tormented Slaves 0
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Master Keith sits with his friend Master Adam and decide what to do .... well torment seems a good diea and as there are two slave girls it will be great fun ... it all starts with boot licking and cleaning and very soon moves onto a speculum up a pussy, hot wax on arses and much more!!

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Take 3 young trainee dominatrix and one female slave, and these 3 may be young but they are cruel and nasty.. crystal is tied to the cross, all 3 take turns padlding her arse, then out comes a cane and they all have a go with that ... they leave her tied up and go and sit down, planning what to do next.. once decided they tie her to the couch with the head and arm stocks attached, weights are hung from her cunt lips, a violet wand is also used as is candle wax and her tits are twisted and squeezed... nasty bitches really go to town .

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Master Keith has not one but two slavegirls in the cage, he lets one out and puts her in the stocks & spanks her arse and torments her nipples, then he grabs some needles put candles in the end and sticks them in her arse cheeks  and lights them !!< then he uses the violet wand on the needles that are stuck in the slavegirls arse !!!.. Once he has finally finished he puts her back in the cage and lets the other slavegirl out, puts her on the rack, stretches her, adds clamps to her cunt lips and chains to pull them up ...

TS Slave Rayleen Underfoot

23:22 MinutenBDSM
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It is unusual that Master Keith & Mistress Demonic appear  together and god help any slave that ends up being dominated by both of them together!!.. here TS Rayleen is tied up and Demonic wants to remove a nipple, but Master decides he cannot rent her out with only one nipple, so they use hot wax, flog her and generally torment her ...

Slavegirls Reprimand 0
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Slavegirls Reprimand 4

Master Keith & Mistress Persia have some fun with a female slave... Tied to the cross, mousetraps put on her nipples, her pussy fingered and slapped, her arse flogged, made to kiss Mistresses boots, her pussy licked and sucked on by Mistress and a candle put up and lit then hot wax dripped on her arse !!!!!...

The Waxing of Carol

Master Keith22:27 MinutenBDSM
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Carols has pubic hair!.. One of Masters pet hates so he decides a good way of removing it will be with hot candle wax, so he coveres her pussy in the stuff of course this is Master keith so it wont stop at just wax !!!

Ellie's Suspension

Master Keith18:41 MinutenBDSM
Ellie's Suspension 0
Ellie's Suspension 1
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Ellie's Suspension 4

Slave Ellie has bene locked in the cupboard and Master has arrived to let her out, but the fun is only just begining, he soon has her suspended and clamps are put on her pussy lips along with some chains to keep her pussy open !!...Then he uses candle wax on the slaves pussy but is that all????

Slave M's Electric Torment 0
Slave M's Electric Torment 1
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Slave M's Electric Torment 4

Slave M is a little different ot most slavegirls, she has more than 2 nipples !!!.. Caged and waiting for Master in the dungeon he arrives and fianlly lets her out & ties her to the cage door, a few well aimed slaps to her pussy and clamps attached and out comes the violet wand !!! Hot wax follows but he does let her have a cigarette!!!