Kia's Suspension

Master Keith und Slave Kia21:23 MinutenBDSM
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Kia's Suspension 1
Kia's Suspension 2
Kia's Suspension 3
Kia's Suspension 4

Master Keith takes Slavegirl Kai down into his dungeon, once there he puts clamps on her pussy lips and adds chains to keep them open, then it is onto suspension for her with some pussy fingering as well... up and up she goes suspended by her wrists and ankles with a wide open pussy!

Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  0
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  1
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  2
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  3
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  4

Mistress Demonic has a new slave girl and decides she would probably make a good pony, so its training day, the pony is bridled up and taught how to high step and much more..

Miss Sin in Trouble 0
Miss Sin in Trouble 1
Miss Sin in Trouble 2
Miss Sin in Trouble 3
Miss Sin in Trouble 4

Mistress Danhella has already tied slave rhiannon to the cross, she has gagged her and put nipple clamps on ... She oges off tonly to return with another slave girl.. Mistress cruelly twists rhiannnos nipples making her cry out in pain and it wont stop there, Miss sin is in trouble and gets some treatment !

Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 0
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 1
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 2
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 3
Slavegirl in Trouble for Smoking 4

Naughty slave girl Crystal was told by Master Keith NOT to smoke, and of course she disobeyed and the silly slave got caught and must now suffer the consequences...She is gagged and bound and clamps with heavy weights are hung from her cunt lips.

 Suspended and Pissed on .... 0
 Suspended and Pissed on .... 1
 Suspended and Pissed on .... 2
 Suspended and Pissed on .... 3
 Suspended and Pissed on .... 4

Master Keith has Slave Lucy suspended by her ankles in an old workshop, a bit gag in her mouth... He adds clamps to her nipples, and then weights for good measure... He then suspends her hands so she is in 4 point suspension and takes a lfogger and uses that on her arse. But thats not all before ong he pisses on her, then his friend arrives and both Masters flog her, strap her and genrally torment her !!

Suspended Blonde Slave

Master Keith und Slave J35:42 MinutenBDSM
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Suspended Blonde Slave 1
Suspended Blonde Slave 2
Suspended Blonde Slave 3
Suspended Blonde Slave 4

Slave J is wilful, tedious, mouthy, rude and Master Keith decides to teach her a lession... He dresses her in a very tight corset, gags her, adds a breast clamp and cuffs as well as chains, speader bars are also added to her arms and legs .. He then puts mouse traps on her nipples and large hooks up her cunt and then he suspends her off the floor..

Rent Waiting

Master Keith und Slave Becki19:35 MinutenBDSM
Rent Waiting  0
Rent Waiting  1
Rent Waiting  2
Rent Waiting  3
Rent Waiting  4

Master Keith does not like to be kept waiting for his rent and Becky is not very good at paying hers . . . So Master takes her upstairs, throws her on the bed and puts her into a corset laced tightly and cuffs are then added. He then suspends her, legs wide open and flogs her, then pussy weights are added along with a gag but of course thats not all !!!

Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 0
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 1
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 2
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 3
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 4

Mistress DeVille has pretty Slavegirl Charlie gagged & fastened on the cross with weights hanging from her pussy, then suddenly Master Keith arrives just as the weights fall off, a few well aimed slaps at the slaves pussy and then she is released and carries Master across the dungeon like a pony ... Slave Polly is then removed from the cage and so the fisting fun begins !!!

Rhiannnon's Suspension... 0
Rhiannnon's Suspension... 1
Rhiannnon's Suspension... 2
Rhiannnon's Suspension... 3
Rhiannnon's Suspension... 4

Rhiannon is put into suspension whiel slave charlie is on the cross... but all is not exactly what it seems for beforel ong Charlie changes into a sadistic bitch and helps Master Keith dominate rhiannon...Ball gagged, clamps on her pussy AND a candle popped up and lit... !!!!

Slave Lily Caught Masturbating. 0
Slave Lily Caught Masturbating. 1
Slave Lily Caught Masturbating. 2
Slave Lily Caught Masturbating. 3
Slave Lily Caught Masturbating. 4

It would appear that Lily just can't help but play with herself, and she is doing just that with a dildo on the swinging bench in non other than Master Keith's dungeon... Unfortuneatly Master arrives and catches her in the act, well of ocurse he is not going to let her get off lightly, he gives her a good lod fashined spanking before putting her onto the whipping bench and flogging, cropping and strapping her ...