Alia's Torment

Slave Alia 37:30 Minuten Domination
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Alia's Torment 4
Slave Alia hat ihren Master kein Ende der Probleme verursacht . Er besucht Demonic Kerker ihr eine Lektion zu erteilen . Ihre Titten sind visciously zusammen 
mit ihrer Muschi gekoppelt. Als nächstes ihre Titten sind gefesselt und sie in sichere Bondage, gebunden an die Decke gelegt wird. Genießen Sie die Qual von 
Alia in seiner vollen 30 Minuten laufen !


Pussy Pegs

Master Keith und Slave Ana 14:41 Minuten BDSM
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Pussy Pegs 4

Master Keith takes his slave girls labia and adds lots and lots of clothes pegs on them , how many does he finally get on ???

Miss Sin in Trouble 0
Miss Sin in Trouble 1
Miss Sin in Trouble 2
Miss Sin in Trouble 3
Miss Sin in Trouble 4

Mistress Danhella has already tied slave rhiannon to the cross, she has gagged her and put nipple clamps on ... She oges off tonly to return with another slave girl.. Mistress cruelly twists rhiannnos nipples making her cry out in pain and it wont stop there, Miss sin is in trouble and gets some treatment !

Pegging of Carol

Master Keith 15:35 Minuten BDSM
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Pegging of Carol 1
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Pegging of Carol 4

Master Keith takes his slave to the dungeon, he makes her lay on a bench and secured her before putting clothes pegs on her cunt lips, he pulls them and twists them, lights a candle and burns some of her pussy hair off before finally removing the pegs only to replace them with clamps !!!

The Torment of Carol

Master Keith 14:27 Minuten BDSM
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The Torment of Carol  1
The Torment of Carol  2
The Torment of Carol  3
The Torment of Carol  4

It all starts with a hook through Carols clit hood piercing, a chain is added and it is then hooked to the ceiling pulling the clit hood upwards !, then Master Keith applies lots of lcothes pegs to her pussy lips ... A vibrator is then put up her pussy and used before he removes the pegs and grabs a ribbed vibrator and uses that too!!!... He eventually releases her lcit hood, unties her and makes her carry him around the dungeon on her bakc,.. of course thats not all, this is Master Keith after all . . . .

Chinese Fisting 0
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Chinese Fisting 2
Chinese Fisting 3
Chinese Fisting 4

Danielle is under the whip and cane and paddle of Ms E.Vie and is put on the whipping bench to be delat with!.. After the caning and with a sore arse she is laid on her back on another whipping bench and clothespegs are put on her nipples and a crop is used, then as a treat she is fingered and fisted !

Alia's Pegging

Master Spider und Slave Alia 16:25 Minuten BDSM
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Alia's Pegging 1
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Alia's Pegging 3
Alia's Pegging 4

Master Spider brings Slave Alia to his dungeon, she kneels and he puts cuffs on her, and then grabbing a bag he puts pegs all around the circumferance of her big nipples, once he is satisfied he has them covered he gently plays with her pussy, she is then put face down on the whipping bench and he plays with her pussy some more before adding more pegs but this time to her pussy !!... He fingers her going deeper and deeper and ....

Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  0
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  1
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  2
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  3
Slavegirl Rides a Dildo ( 22 mins)  4

Slave rhisannon is relaing on the gyne bench but not for long because Master Keith has arrived, he grabs a huge glass dildo and begins working the slave off on it !!... He torments her tits and squeezes then and her nipples, then he places an even larger dildo on the rack and makes her work herself on it while he plays with her tits.... She worships his boots before being put on the whipping bench whre he spanks her cute arse... However its not over because out come the clothes pegs . . . .

Alia's Breast Bondage 0
Alia's Breast Bondage 1
Alia's Breast Bondage 2
Alia's Breast Bondage 3
Alia's Breast Bondage 4

Master Spider enjoys putting Slave Alia's huge tits into bondage and tormenting them, and here he does just that but not before he has put clothes pegs on them and tormented them, flogged them and genrally made her moan alot !!!... He puts her onto the suspension frame fingers her pussy, uses a pin wheel on her tits and leaves her there!!...