Ellie's Sufferance

Ellie und Master Keith18:19 MinutenBDSM
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Slave Ellie has been left to ponder in the cage. But it's not long before Master Keith comes back... After letting her out of the cage, he cuffs her and fastens her to the St Andrews cross where he spanks her arse. He then turns her round, twists her nipples and applies mouse traps to them. He puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips... She is left once more in pain, and when he finally returns he takes her crawling upstairs and puts her in a cupboard...

Suspended, Degregated

Master Keith14:53 MinutenBDSM
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 Master Keith and another Master tie up and spank a female slave, before making her give them blowjobs and letting her have some pleasure from a vibrator.

Doctor Keith Electrics 0
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 Master Keith has decided to do a doctors examination with a difference on a female slave. She's made to strip and is bound to the gynaecological examination chair and then her pussy is opened up with clamps so the doctor can get a proper look. He then decides to put needles through her outer labia and finally puts a glass tube violet wand in her pussy.

Pole Hanging

Master Keith und Slave Rhiannon12:09 MinutenBDSM
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Slave Rhiannon is in trouble so Master Keith tapes and mummfies her to a spinning pole with a gas mask on and clamps on her labia. He flogs and spanks her, and spins her round. Finally he makes her mop in a gas mask to make up for her shortcomings.

Nurses Discipline  0
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Two latex clad nurses treat a slave to a medical examination with a difference. First they tie up the slave who already has needles through his eyebrows and needles and ribbon in his chest. They then proceed to put pegs on his cock, and clamps with weights on his balls. Once they feel the pegs have been on a sufficient time they remove them quickly to give him a little bit of a shock, then the clamps are removed. Finally they spank him and then take the needles out of him.
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Sklavin Rhiannon ist am Rande des Cumming gehänselt , als hat ihre Brustwarzen und Vagina eingespannt und als geknebelt 
, sie in den Käfig für eine Stunde clammpled gelassen wird, während ihr Freund ist in den nächsten Raum 
, gefesselt und geknebelt und un der Lage, befreien sich selbst, als der Meister Keith kehrt sie aus den Schellen befreit wird ,
 und hat mir ein schlechtes Mädchen auf ihre Brust geschrieben , nachdem dies geschehen ist, sie als wieder einmal auf der Schwelle in Cumming gebracht ,
 ist aber nicht erlaubt
The Training ... 0
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The Training ... 4

Master Keith has two slavegirls in this movies, he begins but attaching chains to Suzi's cunt piercings and making her kneel so he can rest his feet, meanwhile he attaches clamps to Hillies nipples and fastens her ot the St Andrews Cross, he makes Suzi stand infront then whips her cunt !!!

Slave Girls Pussy Weights... 0
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Master Keith's Slave Girl has alot of piercings on her cunt, and he decides to use them for hanging heavy weights on !, her cunt lips are stretched and strectched as more and more weight is added much to the amusement of Master Keith...

Pegging of Carol

Master Keith15:35 MinutenBDSM
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Pegging of Carol 4

Master Keith takes his slave to the dungeon, he makes her lay on a bench and secured her before putting clothes pegs on her cunt lips, he pulls them and twists them, lights a candle and burns some of her pussy hair off before finally removing the pegs only to replace them with clamps !!!

Dom Lesbian Workshop... 0
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It begins with a naked slave Leia in an old car workshop, a piece of garage apperatus up her cunt, its hydrolic and goes deeper and deeper in her ...Then Mistress Persia adds mouse traps to her cunt lips and torments her and fingers her before  her strap on is worn and Leia gets fucked and is made to deep throat the rubber cock...