The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 0
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 1
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 2
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 3
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 4

Master Keith is so fed up of Slave J , she is rude, gobby, rebellious, and totally obnoxious, so Master decides it is high time she was taught a lesson she will not forget .... And he enlists the help of Master Nyle to help... Firstly she is put onto the St Andrews Cross where needles and chains are put thru her nipples, lots of ropes and chains are added before she is put over the whipping horse and her arse is beaten !!!

The Training ... 0
The Training ... 1
The Training ... 2
The Training ... 3
The Training ... 4

Master Keith has two slavegirls in this movies, he begins but attaching chains to Suzi's cunt piercings and making her kneel so he can rest his feet, meanwhile he attaches clamps to Hillies nipples and fastens her ot the St Andrews Cross, he makes Suzi stand infront then whips her cunt !!!

Pussy Chains

Master Keith und Slave Suzi15:28 MinutenBDSM
Pussy Chains 0
Pussy Chains 1
Pussy Chains 2
Pussy Chains 3
Pussy Chains 4

Two very pretty slavegirls have their pussies chained by Master Keith, but not seperately , he chians them together so where one goes the other follows, of ocurse this is Master Keith and thats not all but you will have to watch to find out exactly what !!!!!

The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 0
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 1
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 2
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 3
The Electric Chastity Belt - 30min 4

Master Keith catches Slave Leia masturbating in the bath, she is always playing with herself and he has a way to stop that, so its off to his dungeon where he chains her up and puts clips on her pussy lips and beats her arse .... And then he shows her his new invention..The electric chastity belt which he fits and tests making her dance with every shock !!!

Slavegirl Kia's Punishment 0
Slavegirl Kia's Punishment 1
Slavegirl Kia's Punishment 2
Slavegirl Kia's Punishment 3
Slavegirl Kia's Punishment 4

Slavegirl Kia has obviously displeased Master Keith, he brings her to his abode and spanks her in the kitchen before tkaing to his dungeon where her panties and are removed then after admonishing her he grabs a crop and uses it on her arse before attching clamps and chains to her cuntt lips and ankles, then its more cropping and onto the cross for more punishment ...

Electro Skivvy

Master Keith und Slave Becki16:54 MinutenBDSM
Electro Skivvy 0
Electro Skivvy 1
Electro Skivvy 2
Electro Skivvy 3
Electro Skivvy 4

Master Keith is NOT happy with Slave becki, she never cleans up properly and when he catches her laying on the sofa he decides to teach her a lesson. She is made to wash the dishes then a butternut squash is washed.... No prizes for guessing where thats going to end up !!! But Master Keith can be a kindly soul and does let her have a cigarette before putting his latest invention (an electric chastity belt thats remote controlled) on the hapless slave !!!...

TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  0
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  1
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  2
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  3
TS Slave Raylene's Remorse.  4

Transgendered Slave Raylene is in the cage and Master Keith arrives and lets her out, he cuffs her ankles & wrists and takes her into his dungeon, she will be remorseful when he has finished with her thats for certain... Her clothes are removed and she is chained up, then he puts her tits in bondage, gags her puts needles through her nipples & clamps on her pussy lips adding some weights for good measure!!... But is that all? ...NO of course not after all Master keith is at large!!!

Autumns Punishment. 0
Autumns Punishment. 1
Autumns Punishment. 2
Autumns Punishment. 3
Autumns Punishment. 4

Arriving at his house, Master Keith takes slave Autumn straight down to the dungeon, cuffs her and puts clamps on her pussy, torments her nipples and then puts clamps on those as well & fastens her ot the crucifix where weights are added ... He eventually suslends her ot the cross, bites her nipples and adds some very very heavy weights to her labia and ............

Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 0
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 1
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 2
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 3
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 4

Slave Rhiannon has arrived at Masters and is let in by Charlie & taken striaght down to the dungeon to Master.. she is made ot lay on the floor where Master and his helper put cuffs on the slave... She is then put on the whipping bench and tied securely onto it and Master spanks her and then Master and Charlie take it in turns to use a crop and paddle on her arse... Clamps and weights are put on her pussy but what happens next ????

Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  0
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  1
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  2
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  3
Slave Leia's Workshop Torment.  4

Slave Leia has been taken to Master keiths workshop where she is chianed up and ball gagged, he bites her tits, adds some clamps to her pussy lips and pops some weights on them. Then he brings over a haudralic jack and inserts the handle up herp ussy before lowering her down onto it and lfogging her... But of ocurse this is Master keith and there is more... alot more becaue Mistress Persia arrives and joins in !!!!