Master's Coming to See You... 0
Master's Coming to See You... 1
Master's Coming to See You... 2
Master's Coming to See You... 3
Master's Coming to See You... 4

Mistress Deville brings Slave j down into the dungeon. But it is not long before Master Keith arrives. After riding on her back he ties her tightly over the spanking bench, adds some clamps and weights to her pussy lips and then straps them to her arse before giving her a hard caning ....

Punishing of Kay

Master Keith13:19 MinutenBDSM
Punishing of Kay 0
Punishing of Kay 1
Punishing of Kay 2
Punishing of Kay 3
Punishing of Kay 4

 From Master Keith's archives, Slave Kay has been a very naughty girl and is about to get the spanking of her life as punishment...

The Judge's Prison Girls

15:39 MinutenBDSM
The Judge's Prison Girls 0
The Judge's Prison Girls 1
The Judge's Prison Girls 2
The Judge's Prison Girls 3
The Judge's Prison Girls 4

 The Judge has found some bad girls who with his staff's help need to be bought in and taught a lesson...

Her Frustration and Annoyance 0
Her Frustration and Annoyance 1
Her Frustration and Annoyance 2

Madam's slave has been disobedient, so she decides to teach him who's the boss. She ties him down to the spanking bench, then moves on to spanking, whipping, flogging and caning him. When she's sure he's back in his place she makes sure she gets the proper respect she deserves by having him worship her feet lavishly.

Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  0
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  1
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  2
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  3
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  4

Master Keith ties up slave Sue, he humiliates her, whips and canes her then grabs some stinging nettles and uses them to sting and torment her cunt!

Correction Unit One

14:05 MinutenBDSM
Correction Unit One 0
Correction Unit One 1
Correction Unit One 2
Correction Unit One 3
Correction Unit One 4

If you misbehave and do wrong you get punished simple... Here a very naughty lady has been sent to the Correction Unit by the Judge, once there she will be punished as befits her crime...

TV made to Suck  0
TV made to Suck  1
TV made to Suck  2
TV made to Suck  3
TV made to Suck  4

Mistress Demonic is interviewing today and a TV Slut turns up for the interview but it is not all it seems and although given the job this slave has no idea what Mistress has in store until she is summonded and told to please the male client..WITH HER MOUTH!!< of ocurse she does not do it properly and the other ladies laugh and take the piss until Mistress decides its time to teach oral pleasure properly ...

Head Prefects Revenge... 0
Head Prefects Revenge... 1
Head Prefects Revenge... 2
Head Prefects Revenge... 3
Head Prefects Revenge... 4

The head Prefect intends to get revenge on the Head Mistress, and she soon has her over the desk and hands out a taste of what Head Mistress Demonic usually hands out to others !!!!

Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 0
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 1
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 2
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 3
Young Mistresses Torment The Runt 4

The Runt had sneaked out to have some fun with her friends but little does she know that 3 beautiful young Dommes are enjoying a social get together and chat when she returns, the look on runts face is priceless as she see's them and they her, its not long before the 4 nasty bitches decide to torment the runt by caning, spanking, paddling and lots of other nasty painful ways of teaching poor runt a lesson...

Maitresse Slaveboys Training  0
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  1
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  2
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  3
Maitresse Slaveboys Training  4

Goddess Demonic dressed in a latex uniform dress along with her good friend Maitresse Marlene have a naughty boy who deserves to be punished... So its over the whipping bench for him and a very hard double caning follows!!... Not content they then bring in another slave, he is humiliated, beaten, given an enema and then fucked up the arse with dildo's before finally being allowed to do some shoe worship ...