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Master Keith und Herrin Jolene Team bis zu einen Sklaven zu quälen , die Slaves Brüste geklemmt ,
und Ketten befestigt sind , ihre Brüste sind auch zusammen mit ihrer Pussy gepeitscht,
sie später gefesselt und oral auf ihr von einem verzeihe Herrin durchgeführt , sie später wurde eine Kerze angezündet und in ihre Vagina gesteckt ,
während mehr Wachs auf ihr gegossen.


Mistress's New Girl .... 0
Mistress's New Girl .... 1
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Mistress's New Girl .... 3
Mistress's New Girl .... 4

Mistress Stascia makes her new slave have a bath and shave her pussy, once this is completed Rhiannon is otld to report to the dungeon where she is given slave silks to put on and made to do a sexy pole...Then Mistress ties her ot the pole, spanks her arse and then pops a lit candle in the slaves cunt.

Pegging of Carol

Master Keith15:35 MinutenBDSM
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Pegging of Carol 2
Pegging of Carol 3
Pegging of Carol 4

Master Keith takes his slave to the dungeon, he makes her lay on a bench and secured her before putting clothes pegs on her cunt lips, he pulls them and twists them, lights a candle and burns some of her pussy hair off before finally removing the pegs only to replace them with clamps !!!

Master's Candle

Master Keith und Slave J26:03 MinutenBDSM
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Master's Candle 1
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Master's Candle 4

Slave J has been left in the cgae and now Master has arrived to release her... He takes her into the main part of the dungeon, puts some cuffs on her and fingers her pussy before putting her legs into suspension to keep them open !!... A candle is put into her pussy and lit 7 the wax left to drip all over her lips and pussy !!!... He finally removes the candle and uses a flogger on her arse and finally makes her suck his cock.