Mistress Jolene Straps On 0
Mistress Jolene Straps On 1
Mistress Jolene Straps On 2
Mistress Jolene Straps On 3
Mistress Jolene Straps On 4

 Master Keith and Mistress Jolene tie up slave Rhiannon and proceed to spank her. Mistress Jolene then proceeds to use her strap on on Rhiannon, face fucking her and fucking her.

Slavegirls Holiday Collection 0
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 1
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 2
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 3
Slavegirls Holiday Collection 4

 Master Keith has taken one of his slavegirls on holiday, he's taken her for a trot through the village and then suspended her outdoors.

3 Slaves and a Buttplug 0
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 1
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 2
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 3
3 Slaves and a Buttplug 4

Master Keith has 3 of his slavegirls in the dungeon, slavegirl Rhiannon is lapping water out of a bowl as it starts with Charlie giving her a spanking. Master Keith then gives Rhiannon a good spanking. Master Keith then puts a butt plug in Rhiannon's arse and gives her a good few whacks with the crop followed by allowing the other girls to give her a few whacks. Master Keith then leads the 3 girls through to the main dungeon crawling on leads, where he suspends one of the girls to the cross whilst Charlie ties Rhiannon to the whipping bench where Master Keith and Charlie spank her.

Pole Hanging

Master Keith und Slave Rhiannon12:09 MinutenBDSM
Pole Hanging 0
Pole Hanging 1
Pole Hanging 2

Slave Rhiannon is in trouble so Master Keith tapes and mummfies her to a spinning pole with a gas mask on and clamps on her labia. He flogs and spanks her, and spins her round. Finally he makes her mop in a gas mask to make up for her shortcomings.

She's Suspended in the Woods 0
She's Suspended in the Woods 1
She's Suspended in the Woods 2
She's Suspended in the Woods 3
She's Suspended in the Woods 4

Slave girl gets taken out to the woods by Master, where she's chained to a tree and left to hang upside down. She's bagged as well so Master can do whatever he wants to her and she's completely helpless, unable to see what's coming.