Kia Gets Masters Shocks

08.05.2018 Master Keith und Slave Kia 14:47 Minuten BDSM, Domination, Female Domination
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Kia Gets Masters Shocks 3
Kia Gets Masters Shocks 4

Master Keith has decided to give Slave girl Kia a shock or two... or three, or more! He makes her lay on floor and pulls her pussy lips about before inserting an electric probe into her cunt, then he connects it to the electric box and has great fun playing with the controls!

My Play Things

14.11.2017 Master Keith 15:13 Minuten BDSM, Domination, Male Domination
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My Play Things 1
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My Play Things 3
My Play Things 4

Master Keith has some new things to play with...

Alia's Torment

13.09.2016 Slave Alia 37:30 Minuten Domination
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Alia's Torment 1
Alia's Torment 2
Alia's Torment 3
Alia's Torment 4
Slave Alia hat ihren Master kein Ende der Probleme verursacht . Er besucht Demonic Kerker ihr eine Lektion zu erteilen . Ihre Titten sind visciously zusammen 
mit ihrer Muschi gekoppelt. Als nächstes ihre Titten sind gefesselt und sie in sichere Bondage, gebunden an die Decke gelegt wird. Genießen Sie die Qual von 
Alia in seiner vollen 30 Minuten laufen !


Slave Girls' Punishment

10.08.2016 Master Keith 32:59 Minuten Domination
Slave Girls' Punishment 0
Slave Girls' Punishment 1
Slave Girls' Punishment 2
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Slave Girls' Punishment 4
Master Keith takes two young slavegirls into his dungeon and puts them through their paces.


20.05.2012 Master Keith und Ms Montana 22:44 Minuten Domination
Headmaster 0
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Headmaster 3
Headmaster 4

Naughty pupils get reprimanded and this time tit will be the Headmaster, a good spanking, caning and paddling will soon sort her behavoir out, wearing a short skirt and non regulation knickers will not be allowed ever !

Tormented In The Woods

06.04.2012 Master Keith und Slave Suzi 16:21 Minuten Domination
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Tormented In The Woods 1
Tormented In The Woods 2
Tormented In The Woods 3
Tormented In The Woods 4

Master Keith loves to be outside enjoying the sunshine, and he enjoys it even more when he has Slavegirls to torment !! Here he has Slave Suzi in the woods and he puts her through some pussy torment with weights and floggers, and tree's make great items to tie young ladies to !!


13.04.2011 Master Keith, Ms Montana und Slave Goth 22:44 Minuten Domination
Headmaster 0
Headmaster 1
Headmaster 2
Headmaster 3
Headmaster 4

Ms Montana is not at all happy, infact she is so cross with one poarticular pupil she reports thehapless girl to the Headmaster who is non other than Master Keith... After all non regulation skirt, shoes and panties must be dealt with and Headmaster knows just how to deal with naughty young ladies..And of course Headmaster's lunch has been disturbed, so after listening to Ms Montana it's of to the naughty cupboard for the girl and after a while she is let out only ot be soundly spanked , paddled and caned by Headmaster....