Correction Unit 2

12.06.2014 Master Keith 14:53 Minuten BDSM
Correction Unit 2 0
Correction Unit 2 1
Correction Unit 2 2
Correction Unit 2 3
Correction Unit 2 4

If you misbehave then expect to pay for it.. Inside the correction unit the female guard soon makes the inmate pay for her indiscretions, its over the desk and a serious spanking occurs..

Geishas breat torment

05.06.2014 Master Keith 15:44 Minuten BDSM
Geishas breat torment 0
Geishas breat torment 1
Geishas breat torment 2
Geishas breat torment 3
Geishas breat torment 4

Master Keith decides to have some fun with slave geisha, well she may not think it fun , but however he puts her into a tit clamp, and very soon she is hanging from her tits in the dungeon.

Whipped, Bagged and Banged

29.05.2014 Master Keith 13:54 Minuten BDSM
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 0
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 1
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 2
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 3
Whipped, Bagged and Banged 4

Master has a new slave girl.. he begins by giving her a good whipping before putting her onto the fucking machine ..well she wanted fucking ...

Slave Lou's Torment Suspension

22.05.2014 Master Keith 17:31 Minuten BDSM
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  0
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  1
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  2
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  3
Slave Lou's Torment Suspension  4

Tightly corsetted Slave Lou is Master Keiths latest slave girl ... He soon has her in a tit clamp and with the aid of some ropes and chains soon suspends her by her tits !

Mistress Waits Part One

08.05.2014 Mistress Alisha 16:12 Minuten Femdom
Mistress Waits   Part One 0
Mistress Waits   Part One 1
Mistress Waits   Part One 2
Mistress Waits   Part One 3
Mistress Waits   Part One 4

Naughty Crystal has kept her Mistress Waiting while she goes off to meet her friends and Mistress is not amused, so she takes crystal down into her dungeon and teaches her a lesson for being late and keeping Mistress Waiting. ..

Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment

10.04.2014 Master Keith 22:42 Minuten BDSM
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  0
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  1
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  2
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  3
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  4

Master Keith ties up slave Sue, he humiliates her, whips and canes her then grabs some stinging nettles and uses them to sting and torment her cunt!

Stascia's Slave

03.04.2014 Slave J 33:05 Minuten Femdom
Stascia's Slave 0
Stascia's Slave 1
Stascia's Slave 2
Stascia's Slave 3
Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia was a good slave but now she has turned Domme, and in the dungeon with her male slave she holds nothing back, bondage, nipple torture cock and ball torture with very heavy weights, stinging nettles, lemon juice rubbed in the sore bits...and much more ...

Mistresses Bag....

20.03.2014 15:51 Minuten Femdom
Mistresses Bag.... 0
Mistresses Bag.... 1
Mistresses Bag.... 2
Mistresses Bag.... 3
Mistresses Bag.... 4

Mistress Cruella is a pretty alternative Domina, she is such a nasty Bitch!, She sits on her thorne and has her slavel ight her cigarette while she ingnores him , she then puts him into a leather body bag and does it up before adding rope making sure it is really really tight ...

The Training ...

13.03.2014 Master Keith, Slave Hillie und Slave Suzi 14:59 Minuten BDSM
The Training ... 0
The Training ... 1
The Training ... 2
The Training ... 3
The Training ... 4

Master Keith has two slavegirls in this movies, he begins but attaching chains to Suzi's cunt piercings and making her kneel so he can rest his feet, meanwhile he attaches clamps to Hillies nipples and fastens her ot the St Andrews Cross, he makes Suzi stand infront then whips her cunt !!!

Workshop Torment

06.03.2014 Master Keith, Mistress Persia/ Jolene und Slave leia 31:26 Minuten Femdom
Workshop Torment  0
Workshop Torment  1
Workshop Torment  2
Workshop Torment  3
Workshop Torment  4

Master Keith has a garage workshop and why should it be used just for repairing them ...He takes Slave Leia there and soon has a new use for his hydrolic lifting gear... Up Leias cunt of course but httats not all for Mistress Persia calls in and is soon puttingo n her trusty strap on but not before she plays with the slaves cunt...