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 Mistress Serenity brings the female slave down to Master Keith for the beginning of the interrogation. Mistress Serenity then chains her securely to a chair to make sure she can't escape the interrogation.

 Master Keith then grabs and twists her tits whilst he continues interrogating her. He then gets out a bullwhip and proceededs to walk round her with it, and then whips her a few times with the bullwhip.

 Master Keith then unties her from the chair and ties her up to the wall instead and plays with her pussy. He then proceeds to get the bullwhip out again.

 Then Master Keith and Mistress Serenity untie her and lay her on the floor with her legs held straight up by Mistress Serenity. They tie her ankles to a metal bar attached to the ceiling by chains and then suspend her.

 Master Keith proceeds to paddling her whilst she's suspended upside down by the metal bar. He then flogs her in the same position.

 Finally he lets her down from her suspension and the interrogation is done.