Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 0
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 1
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 2
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 3
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 4

Only Master Keith would think of using a Lava Lamp to go up a slave's pussy!... But it won't just be the lamp that goes up there as slave Polly soon discovers!

Bad Girls Shopping Trip 0
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 1
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 2
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 3
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 4

Slave girl Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, she arrives at his shop wearing a coat, suspender belt and stockings!.. He soon has her fitted out in a different belt plus a tightly laced corset and takes her down into his dungeon... Then it's into the cage with her wrists padlocked to the bars, on to tit torment, biting, clamps and slapping . . . . .

The Castle - Part One 0
The Castle - Part One 1
The Castle - Part One 2
The Castle - Part One 3
The Castle - Part One 4

Part One of a Trilogy... Take a beautiful Gothic Castle, Master Keith & one of his sadistic cohorts and you can guarantee the slave wont be left hanging aorund.... or will she?.. Master Keith leaves the slave in the charge of Mistress Alisha who takes her upstairs and makes her strip, and leaves her in the cold room to await her fate ... On Mistress's return the slave is cuffed and her arms put into an arm bag, then a good hard paddling on her arse before she is taken down to Master Keith... He takes the flogger out on her already sore and bruised arse before both Master & Mistress take turns in using paddles and crops...


Prison Guard and The Judge16:31 minutesBDSM
Colonel 0
Colonel 1
Colonel 2
Colonel 3
Colonel 4

Paris has been caught and the Colonel will now deal with her, he begins by ripping off her dress, all under the watchful eye of a female prison guard... he torments her nipples and adds nipple clamps but not before cruelly twisting them ... then he adds clamps to her pussy lips before finally using a cane on her, then the female guard takes off her knickers and Paris is made to lick and eat her pussy . . . .

Tormented in the Garden 0
Tormented in the Garden 1
Tormented in the Garden 2
Tormented in the Garden 3
Tormented in the Garden 4

Master Keith takes slave Kia and ties her up to a frame in the garden, he fingers her pussy and then flogs it before leaving her there while he pops off... on his return he takes rhiannon from the boot of the car and locks her in a cupboard while he goes to check on Kia ... He eventually releases Rhiannon and takes her into the garden where he then torments both slavegirls but he does allow Rhiannon to lick Kia's pussy !!!...

Karina's Torment

Master Keith and Slave Karina37:21 minutesBDSM
Karina's Torment 0
Karina's Torment 1
Karina's Torment 2
Karina's Torment 3
Karina's Torment 4

Karina is locked in the cage until Master Keith arrives and lets her out admonishing her for misbehaving, he puts a chain and lean around her neck and takes her into the main dungeon, he uses ropes to tie her and needles thrugh her nipples and cunt lips and then pretty ribbons to make it look nice!!!

Chinese Fisting 0
Chinese Fisting 1
Chinese Fisting 2
Chinese Fisting 3
Chinese Fisting 4

Ms E.Vie is not happy as she sits & waits for Slave Danielle to arrie, eventually the slave arrives and is told off, made to strip and kiss her Mistresses boots before being rather unceremoniously dragged downstairs into the dungeon ...Once there its over the whipping horse where Danielle is spanked, paddled and caned, she is then allowed to lick Ms E.Vies boots and latex clad body ...But that not all, Ms E.Vie rather likes fisting her slaves and Danielle is no exception to the rule...


Breast Crush

Master Keith and Slave Ana10:37 minutesBDSM
Breast Crush  0
Breast Crush  1
Breast Crush  2
Breast Crush  3
Breast Crush  4

Take lots of rope, a huge pair of tits and Master Keith!, Slave Ana has her huge breasts tied tightly, and is made to kneel ifront of a bench with her tied tits on it then Master Keith climbs up and treads on her tits and makes her kiss and lick his boots .... Then Ana is made to lay on the bench and her wrists are fastened while Master Keith flogs and tramples her tits again....

The Double Ended Dildo  0
The Double Ended Dildo  1
The Double Ended Dildo  2
The Double Ended Dildo  3
The Double Ended Dildo  4

Take two beautiful female slaves, One Master Keith, ohh and a Double Ended Dildo for the slaves !!..


Master Keith, Slave Hillie, and Slave Suzi16:32 minutesBDSM
Woodland 0
Woodland 1
Woodland 2
Woodland 3
Woodland 4

A lovely day to play outdoors thinks Master Keith and no sooner has he thought it and into the van go the female slaves for some outdoors fun and bondage ... Tree's are so handy ot tie ones Pony Girls to and discipline them !!!