Kia Gets Masters Shocks

2018-05-08 Master Keith and Slave Kia 14:47 minutes BDSM, Domination, Female Domination
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Kia Gets Masters Shocks 4

Master Keith has decided to give Slave girl Kia a shock or two... or three, or more! He makes her lay on floor and pulls her pussy lips about before inserting an electric probe into her cunt, then he connects it to the electric box and has great fun playing with the controls!

Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One

2018-04-10 Master Keith and Slave Annika 17:34 minutes BDSM
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Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  1
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Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  3
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  4

Master Keith has a good friend, Mr B Stretch, and Mr Stretch loves nothing more than using his hand made wooden arsehole stretchers on female slaves. They are so beautifully made, and he inserts them in size order stretching Annika's arse more and more...

Woodland Slavegirl

2017-09-19 Master Keith and Slave Suzi 16:25 minutes BDSM
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Slave Suzi has been brought out to the woods by Master Keith, where she's tied to a tree.She then has weights attached to her pussy and is whipped and flogged. Finally she is suspended from the tree and fingered and spanked before being taken down and led off into the woods.

Slavegirl Bondage

2017-02-16 Master Keith and Slave Suger lump 17:27 minutes BDSM
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 Slave Sugarlump has got herself into a predicament, Master has decided she to be tied up. She got a bridle with a ball gag in and Master cuffs her wrists to a bar hanging to the ceiling and a spreader bar between her legs. Master makes her dance to amuse him and then puts a chain between her leg to the upper bar, and no matter how she struggles she can't get free.

Mistresses Sluts

2014-11-25 19:07 minutes BDSM
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Mistress takes her slaves into her dungeon, and pulls on they're nipples and slowly pulls them into submission, she has one of the slaves, who is a submissive to the other spank her, as hard as she can, if she does not she is paddled herself, she is than made to whip her Mistress whilst her mistress is pinned down by the head Mistress, later on the bottom slave is played with and has pegs placed on her nipples and they are flicked

Slave Girls Torment

2014-11-25 Master Keith, Mistress Persia/ Jolene, and Slave leia 15:22 minutes BDSM
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Slave girl Leia is suspended by her arms and legs, with her pussy held open by mousetraps, Mistress Persia than teases her pussy with her tongue and that proceeds to ease her fist into her pussy, she is than let down and is fucked with a strap on by Mistress Persia, later she is made to deep throat the strap on, whilst Master Keith fists her.

slave reprim

2014-11-04 Master Keith and Mistress Persia/ Jolene 18:47 minutes BDSM
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Master Keith and Mistress Jolene team up to torture a slave, the slaves breasts are clamped, and chains are attached, her breasts are also whipped along with her pussy, she is later tied up and oral is performed on her by a forgiving mistress, she later has a candle lit and stuck in her vagina, whilst more wax is poured on her.

Slave girl's licking torment  0
Slave girl's licking torment  1
Slave girl's licking torment  2
Slave girl's licking torment  3
Slave girl's licking torment  4

Mistress leads her slave girl in the dungon were she is put in bonage, suspended being spanked and made to lick Mistress pussy. 

Taken, tormented, penetrated

2014-10-21 Master Keith 17:02 minutes BDSM
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Taken, tormented, penetrated 1
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Taken, tormented, penetrated 3
Taken, tormented, penetrated 4

Taken to a workshop, played with, penetrated with a dildo, she is spanked, and lead around by her tits, she is than put into the boot of a car and taken some where else.

Slave Girl Milking Antics

2014-09-04 Master Keith 14:36 minutes BDSM
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Slave Girl Milking Antics 4

Salve Genna is made to lactte and Master Keith ejyos a some in his tea . . .