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Leanne goes for an interview with Mistress Demonic, but all is not as it seems as Leanne soon finds out... She is taken on trial and Mistress soon has her sucking cock!

Slave Girl Duel

Master Billy and Master Keith16:08 minutesBDSM
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 Master Keith gets two of his slavegirls to have a duel with paddles and a tug of war with pussy chains. He then trots one of them round and spanks both of them.

Stascia's Slave

Slave J33:05 minutesFemdom
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Mistress Stascia was a good slave but now she has turned Domme, and in the dungeon with her male slave she holds nothing back, bondage, nipple torture cock and ball torture with very heavy weights, stinging nettles, lemon juice rubbed in the sore bits...and much more ...

Jades Caning

Mistress Demonic14:04 minutesFemdom
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Jade has really displeased Mistress Demonic, and so its off to the dungeon for punishment.... Jade is put on the spanking bench and spanked, paddled , cropped and caned while the Demonic one smiles , Jade yelps !!!

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Slave Jade is in trouble... She has been masturbating in church and Goddess Demonic has found out... So its into the dungeon, Jade is made to strip while being told of by Goddess, she is put onto the crucifix and her tists and body are flogged.. Then it is over the whipping bench where Goddess secures her and uses paddles, a crop and lfogger on the slave girls arse...

The Pigs Caning 0
The Pigs Caning 1
The Pigs Caning 2
The Pigs Caning 3
The Pigs Caning 4

Mistress Demonic & Lady Trinity have something to play with, its fat, ugly and rather gross, so the ladies decide to give it a good arse whacking, they use paddles and canes and lots of verbal humiliation.

Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 0
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 1
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 2
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 3
Slavegirl Paddled by Mistress Charlie 4

Slave Rhiannon has arrived at Masters and is let in by Charlie & taken striaght down to the dungeon to Master.. she is made ot lay on the floor where Master and his helper put cuffs on the slave... She is then put on the whipping bench and tied securely onto it and Master spanks her and then Master and Charlie take it in turns to use a crop and paddle on her arse... Clamps and weights are put on her pussy but what happens next ????

The Castle - Part Two 0
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Part Two of the Castke Trilogy... Poor Slave Crystal is still being tormented by the bitch Alisia and Master Keith... Here her tits are put into bondage by Master then she is laid on a bench and her pussy flogged... Clamps and weights are put on her pussy lips she is made to clean Mistress's shoes... with her tongue, and she is suspended...