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Leanne goes for an interview with Mistress Demonic, but all is not as it seems as Leanne soon finds out... She is taken on trial and Mistress soon has her sucking cock!

Breast Waxing

14:57 minutesFemdom
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Breast Waxing  1
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Breast Waxing  4

Mistress has a pretty slavegirl and Mistress loves nothing more than playing with candles resulting in hot wax being poured, in this instance on the slaves tits.

Mistress Waits   Part Two 0
Mistress Waits   Part Two 1
Mistress Waits   Part Two 2
Mistress Waits   Part Two 3
Mistress Waits   Part Two 4

Crystal had kept her Mistress waiting and has already has a good hard paddling so her arse is red and sore and Mistress is still not finished, now she puts heavy weights onto crystals cunt lips , ties her up and leaves her like that for a very long time ...Mistress eventually returns, removes the weights and takes the hapless slave upstairs where she is made to massage and kiss Mistresses feet.

The Slave is Late ...

23:29 minutesFemdom
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The Slave is Late ... 3
The Slave is Late ... 4

Mistress Demonic is not happy, her slave Leo is late and he will pay for that mistake, he is made to go onto the whipping horse and punished but htats not over, then she puts him on the St Andrews Cross and attaches electrdoes to his cock and balls and really has fun turning the currant up and up ...He wont be late again thats for certain...

Stascia's Slave

Slave J33:05 minutesFemdom
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Stascia's Slave 1
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Stascia's Slave 3
Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia was a good slave but now she has turned Domme, and in the dungeon with her male slave she holds nothing back, bondage, nipple torture cock and ball torture with very heavy weights, stinging nettles, lemon juice rubbed in the sore bits...and much more ...

Correction Unit One

14:05 minutesBDSM
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Correction Unit One 1
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Correction Unit One 4

If you misbehave and do wrong you get punished simple... Here a very naughty lady has been sent to the Correction Unit by the Judge, once there she will be punished as befits her crime...

Slave Painting 0
Slave Painting 1
Slave Painting 2
Slave Painting 3
Slave Painting 4

Slave Rhiannon has been misbehaving agaain so Master Keith sets her a task of painting a wall... IN THE NUDE!, but Mistress Demonic is not happy with the speed the slave is painting, albeit Rhiannon has been given the smallest paint roller in the world, Mistress soon humiliates her and makes her paint faster...

Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 0
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 1
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 2
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 3
Slave Toby Caught Wanking punished with electrodes 4

It would seem toby has a problem, WANKING, he just cant stop doing it day and night so Mistress Danhella enlists the help of Empress Victoria and between them they decide to sort his wanking out.. He is humilated and then electrodes are put onto his cock and balls and the currant turned up in the hope his cock will be too sore to play with !!!

Mistresses Male Puppy 0
Mistresses Male Puppy 1
Mistresses Male Puppy 2
Mistresses Male Puppy 3
Mistresses Male Puppy 4

Mistress Serenity has a new slave and she feels he would probably make an excellent puppy as he looks in her opinion like an old english sheepdog!!, here she begins his training...

Mistress's New Girl .... 0
Mistress's New Girl .... 1
Mistress's New Girl .... 2
Mistress's New Girl .... 3
Mistress's New Girl .... 4

Mistress Stascia makes her new slave have a bath and shave her pussy, once this is completed Rhiannon is otld to report to the dungeon where she is given slave silks to put on and made to do a sexy pole...Then Mistress ties her ot the pole, spanks her arse and then pops a lit candle in the slaves cunt.