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Master Keith and his co-hort have gone ot the woods with Salve Hillie and Slave Suzi, its a lovely day and the Masters want ot have some fun ...The slaves are tied together back to back , while the Masters go off for a smoke, on thier return they toe one hand of each slave together and get them to spank eath others arses, Suzi kisses and suckles on Hillies tits and then under a picnic table goes Hillie ot give her Master  a blow job...

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Slave Sophia and Salve Rhiannon cannot be trusted if their Mistress goes out and leaves them. Rhiannon is locked in the cage for past misdemeanors and slave Sophia comes down and see's her plight, and finding the key to the cage she lets Rhiannon out.. Then the fun starts, there is spanking andp ussy licking galore!

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Slave Sophia is in the bath shaving her cunt and decides to play with it!< but she is caught ( as usual ) by her Mistress ... After playing with the slaves cunt Mistress then pisses on her and tells her to wash, dry and go to the dungeon where Sophia gets to lick and suck at her Mistresses pussy !!!

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Miss Cameo, beautiful in only a corset and thigh boots brings Slave Rhiannon into her dungeon, she makes the slave put on cuffs and goes ot sit on her throne ... Miss Cameo then spanks, crops and generally enjoys herself and makes Rhiannon lick and kiss her long leather boots... She puts clamps on the slaves pussy and adds weights and then makes her bend over !!

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Whne Mistress is away the slaves will play and this is no exception as naughty Rhiannon and Sophia get it on behind her back... Rhiannon has been locked in the cage for misbehaving and Sophia soon finds the key and lets her out!!.. they lick each others pussies, spank each other and generally have some fun !!

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Slave Sophia is in the bath, she is supposed to be shaving her pussy, she has managed to do most of itbut the dirty bitvch cannot help playing with herself and as she is doing this in walks her Mistress, although none too happy that Sophia is playing with her pussy she soon joins in and plays too and then she pisses on the slave and orders her downstairs ... once Sophia reaches the dungeon a treat or two are in store !!

Enema Nurse

Slave Hillie and Slave Suzi16:36 minutesLesbian
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Sexy Nurse Suzi is cleaning her clinic when the next patient arrives... She soon has her undressed and on the medical bench where she inserts a speculum and eexamines the patients pussy, then its enema time ... Once the examination is over the girls soon get down to some hot  lesbian action...

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Renouned Domina Mistress Demonic decides it is time to clean Slave Dannies backside out but not before she has some fun .... Outside its cold and chilly but Mistress does not mind after all she is dressed ... Poor slave rhiannon is shivering so Mistress finds a way too warm her up ... She even allowes some lesbian action in the shower !!!

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The conclusion of naughty Nurse Suzi and her blonde patient !!... This time its clamps on nipples, lots of tweeking , and out scomes the strap on for a hard fucking ....

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Master Keith has two pretty slavegirls and takes both into his dungeon ...Bliss is put onto the cross and Rhiannon over the spanking bench , a good spanking and cropping ensues!!.. But he is in a good mood and then there is plenty og lesbian action to follow the punishments !!!