The Judge's Prison Girls

15:39 minutesBDSM
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 The Judge has found some bad girls who with his staff's help need to be bought in and taught a lesson...

Bunny Babes

Miss Cameo and Slave Rhiannon6:14 minutesLesbian
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 Rhiannon and Cameo have some fun with carrots after frolicking in the field dressed up as bunnies.

Mistresses Lesbians

14:52 minutesBDSM
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two slave girls are made to pole dance for they're mistress, both slaves are tied up, and one is spanked, when they are freed, one is made to tease the others cliterous with her heel, than she is spanked, whilst one slave spankes her mistress, than one girl is made to spank the other, the mistress than rides her slaves to her throne, where the slaves begin to kiss her feet and legs

Cunning Lingers . . ..  0
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Cunning Lingers . . ..  3
Cunning Lingers . . ..  4

Mistress Petra has such naughty slave girls, so there is no other option but to punish them!, firstly Slave Sophia is brought to the dungeon her tits are tied up and clamps put on her cunt lips and weights added, its notl ong before slave Emm is also brought to the dungeon and put into an arm bag... Both slave girls are tormented more and more, but you just have to watch to find out what happens !!

Jolene Straps on and Fucks Slavegirl  0
Jolene Straps on and Fucks Slavegirl  1
Jolene Straps on and Fucks Slavegirl  2
Jolene Straps on and Fucks Slavegirl  3
Jolene Straps on and Fucks Slavegirl  4

It all starts with Master Keith in the dungeon where he puts slave girl Rhiannon on the swinging bench, puts mouse traps on her cunt lips and usues ropes to hold them open... but just as she thinks its all over Mistress Jolene arrives, with her strap on and then the sucking and fucking begins ..

Lesbian Love .. 0
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Slave Hillie is told to wear a strap-on while slave suzi is cuffed, then Master Keith and Master Billy rig up sling,  slave suzi is made to lay on it and her lefs and arms are fastened so she is vulnerable ... clamps are put on her nipples and hillie appears wearing the strap-on . . . . then its action all the way . . . .

Tormented in the Garden . . .  0
Tormented in the Garden . . .  1
Tormented in the Garden . . .  2
Tormented in the Garden . . .  3
Tormented in the Garden . . .  4

Master Keith loves the great outdoors and whne Slavegirls Rhiannon & Kia deserve some playtime he can see no reason why it cannot be done outdoors in the sun !!... After tying Kia up and using his flogger on her he does allow some pussy tasting but not until tit clamps and letting Rhiannon out of the cupboard...

Lesbian Nurse Part One . . . 0
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Lesbian Nurse Part One . . . 4

Naughty nuse Suzi is supposed to be giving her patient an examination, but things go alot further as she fingers , fists and torments the pretty blone patient!!.. Hot lesbian Action ...

Tormented in the Garden  0
Tormented in the Garden  1
Tormented in the Garden  2
Tormented in the Garden  3
Tormented in the Garden  4

Master Keith loves the outdoors!, and so when he has 2 lovely slavegirls at his beck and call what better place to torment them than in the garden !!!... He firstly brings Slave Ellie out, spanks her and ties her between 2 poles then he fingers her cute cunt!!!..Pegs are put on her nipples then he clips a clamp on and hangs his flogger from it.... Slave Rhiannon arrives and is taken from the boot of Masters car, He takes her into the ohuse and pops her into a cupboard, while he goes to torment poor Slave Ellie again, of course its not over yet because Slave Rhiannon will get her turn!!! There is some girl on girl action between the 2 slaves and then Master flogs Rhinannon while she plays with Ellies cunt!!!