Goth Slave Rebuke

11:22 minutesBDSM
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Goth Slave Rebuke 4

Goth Slave is lead around by a lead, she is than pinned down her Mistress, she is than made to pole dance, if she does not she is whipped, whilst she is dancing she is stroked with the whip as a reminder to keep dancing, she is than tied up to he cross and has her arse whipped, once taken down she is made to pole dance again, whilst having her arse whipped, she is than made to crawl on the floor to the bench, where is than tied and spanked, once taken down she untied she is layed on the floor whilst her Mistress steps on her.

Mistresses play thing

16:13 minutesBDSM
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Mistresses play thing 1
Mistresses play thing 2
Mistresses play thing 3
Mistresses play thing 4

The slave is found lounging around in her cage, she is than suited up in her corset, which ia tightened, she is than strapped up and has pegs put on her nipples, she then has her breasts paddles and has weights hung from her nipples and has her pussy paddled as well, she than has a violet wand teased over her vagina, and is fingered by her mistress and is denied from cumming on several occasions