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Ex Slaves make great Dominatrices or so it is said, and 3 ex slaves really know how to treat another, or do they??.. Salve Crystal had sneaked out and came back only to find the 3 new Dommes enjoying a chat, Crystal soon regrets her actions as the 3 of them whip, spank, paddle and flog her  as well as putting very heavy weights on her cunt piercings

Miss Sin in Trouble

2013-08-21 Mistress Danhella and Slave Rhiannon 16:05 minutes Femdom
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Mistress Danhella has already tied slave rhiannon to the cross, she has gagged her and put nipple clamps on ... She oges off tonly to return with another slave girl.. Mistress cruelly twists rhiannnos nipples making her cry out in pain and it wont stop there, Miss sin is in trouble and gets some treatment !

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Master & Mistress Playtime  4

Mistress DeVille brings Salve Polly and Slave Charlie down into the dungeon, she makes them both kneel on all fours and then Master Keith arrives... Now the fun shall begin ( well it will for the Master & Mistress !!) Master soon removes Polly panties and helps Mistress put slave Charlie onto the crucifix and then Polly is tied over the whipping bench where a good spanking and cropping are given so her arse is sore and red....

Rebellious Blonde Slave

2011-04-07 Master Keith and Slave J 22:43 minutes BDSM
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Rebellious Blonde Slave 4

Slave J is indeed a rebellious little cow and she is seen kicking Master Nyle's whip out of the way, being generally disruptive and disobedient, so up on the cross she goes, is gagged, blindfolded and tormented, but its not long before Master Keith arrives and with the use of pussy clamps, ropes and some severe torment does J finally shut up and start to behave ....

Autumns Punishment.

2011-03-28 Master Keith and Slave Autumn 28:18 minutes BDSM
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Autumns Punishment. 4

Arriving at his house, Master Keith takes slave Autumn straight down to the dungeon, cuffs her and puts clamps on her pussy, torments her nipples and then puts clamps on those as well & fastens her ot the crucifix where weights are added ... He eventually suslends her ot the cross, bites her nipples and adds some very very heavy weights to her labia and ............