Jades Caning

2013-09-11 Mistress Demonic 14:04 minutes Femdom
Jades Caning 0
Jades Caning 1
Jades Caning 2
Jades Caning 3
Jades Caning 4

Jade has really displeased Mistress Demonic, and so its off to the dungeon for punishment.... Jade is put on the spanking bench and spanked, paddled , cropped and caned while the Demonic one smiles , Jade yelps !!!

The Testing Of Slave Heather Part Three

2013-02-22 Master Keith and Slave Heather 14:49 minutes BDSM
The Testing Of Slave Heather Part Three 0
The Testing Of Slave Heather Part Three 1
The Testing Of Slave Heather Part Three 2
The Testing Of Slave Heather Part Three 3
The Testing Of Slave Heather Part Three 4

Slave Heather is over the whipping horse being caned REALLY hard by Master Keith, her arse is red and bruised, a breast clamp is on her tits and she is made to kiss his boots. He then makes her pay on the floor and lfogs her cunt hard ... he puts large object up her arse and much much more...

The Pigs Caning

2012-09-29 Lady Trinity, Mistress Demonic, and Slave Ashtray 15:26 minutes Femdom
The Pigs Caning 0
The Pigs Caning 1
The Pigs Caning 2
The Pigs Caning 3
The Pigs Caning 4

Mistress Demonic & Lady Trinity have something to play with, its fat, ugly and rather gross, so the ladies decide to give it a good arse whacking, they use paddles and canes and lots of verbal humiliation.

Caned Runaway Slavedog ....

2011-12-28 Mistress Demonic and Slave Ashtray 16:28 minutes Femdom
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 0
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 1
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 2
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 3
Caned Runaway Slavedog .... 4

The Slavedog has pissed Mistress Demonic off and it is time he had retribution . . .A good caning will soon sort him out, but its not just a good caning he receives . . . .

Slavegirl J's Caning

2011-03-04 Master Keith and Slave J 17:16 minutes BDSM
Slavegirl J's Caning 0
Slavegirl J's Caning 1
Slavegirl J's Caning 2
Slavegirl J's Caning 3
Slavegirl J's Caning 4

Slave J is tied to the whipping bench, and a crystal butt plug is inserted up her arse... Master Keith begins to use a crop on her making her yelp so he deicdes to give her something ot yelp about !!!! Out comes the acrylic paddle, followed by another crop, and then ...THE CANE !!!!!!