Pony Girl Stabil

Master Keith15:47 MinutenBDSM
Pony Girl Stabil 0
Pony Girl Stabil 1
Pony Girl Stabil 2
Pony Girl Stabil 3
Pony Girl Stabil 4
Die Slaves werden in Ponygetriebegebunden und werden gemacht, um wie ein Pony zu marschieren , 
in der Ausbildung und in den Ställen genommen , sie gepeitscht werden und versohlt und geritten


Pony Girl -Workshop

Master Keith15:53 MinutenBDSM
Pony Girl -Workshop 0
Pony Girl -Workshop 1
Pony Girl -Workshop 2
Pony Girl -Workshop 3
Pony Girl -Workshop 4
zwei Slaves werden zuerst in den Wald genommen , gefesselt und ausgepeitscht , sind sie später suspendiert , 
ein als Schaukeln Gewichte aus ihrer Muschi , als ein Mädchen in die Werkstatt zurück genommen ,
 und wird als ein Ponymädchen ausgebildet und zieht einen Wagen rund in engen Gummikleidung , und ist für einen Lauf um den Block genommen


Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  0
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  1
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  2
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  3
Mistress Demonics Pony girl, the 1st day.  4

Mistress Demonic has a new slave girl and decides she would probably make a good pony, so its training day, the pony is bridled up and taught how to high step and much more..

Jolenes Salvegirl Caught Masturbating 0
Jolenes Salvegirl Caught Masturbating 1
Jolenes Salvegirl Caught Masturbating 2
Jolenes Salvegirl Caught Masturbating 3
Jolenes Salvegirl Caught Masturbating 4

Slave Rhiannon is laid in her Mistresses lounge ,reading a book and playing with her pussy (as usual) of course the silly girl does not expect Mistress Jolene to come marching in, & of course Mistress is not happy because Rhiannon has not done the cleaning either !.. Not only that but Rhiannon is also wearing Master Keith's jacket, her hair is not tidy AND she hasn't even got her shoes on ... Mistress Jolene is furious and immediately admonishes the hapless slave, she begins by trampling her breasts and tormenting her pussy... Cuffs are put on & the slave is then put on the cross where Mistress slaps her hard in the pussy & discoveres the girl is very wet in deed, Mistress leaves the slave on the cross to await the arrival of Master Keith ... On his arrival he puts the suction cup on Rhiannons nipples and stretches them , he then too discovers just how wet the little sluts pussy is, and fingers her, takes her down from the cross and tightens her corset before slapping her cute arse. He then rides her into the other part of the dungeon like a horse and puts her on the swinging bench, fastening her ankles and wrists and popping mouse traps on her labia to keep them open ...

Demonics Pony Slave.... 0
Demonics Pony Slave.... 1
Demonics Pony Slave.... 2
Demonics Pony Slave.... 3
Demonics Pony Slave.... 4

Goddess Demonic has one of her slaves tied to an old wagon, the other is put into a chariot for his training, she has him pull her around the filed before she goes over ot the other male slave... There is flogging, whipping, humiliation, stinging nettles, gags, and so much more DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE !!!!

Pony Girls Car Pulling 0
Pony Girls Car Pulling 1
Pony Girls Car Pulling 2
Pony Girls Car Pulling 3
Pony Girls Car Pulling 4

Master Keith and Master Billy have a car that needs moving, but its wont start..well you do not have a dog and bark yourself so they entail the help of their ponygirls to pull it and decide to have fun while doing so !!


Master Keith, Slave Hillie und Slave Suzi16:32 MinutenBDSM
Woodland 0
Woodland 1
Woodland 2
Woodland 3
Woodland 4

A lovely day to play outdoors thinks Master Keith and no sooner has he thought it and into the van go the female slaves for some outdoors fun and bondage ... Tree's are so handy ot tie ones Pony Girls to and discipline them !!!

Slavegirls Pony Torment ...

15:32 MinutenBDSM
Slavegirls Pony Torment ... 0
Slavegirls Pony Torment ... 1
Slavegirls Pony Torment ... 2
Slavegirls Pony Torment ... 3
Slavegirls Pony Torment ... 4

Slave Gemma is ot be Master Keith's new pony girl, so he ties up her tits, pops on a head harness, corset, and arm binder and soon she is trotting around, but no horseman is complete without a whip or two and Gemma soon feels these on her cute arse!!!...

Ponygirls Torment in Training ... 0
Ponygirls Torment in Training ... 1
Ponygirls Torment in Training ... 2
Ponygirls Torment in Training ... 3
Ponygirls Torment in Training ... 4

Slave Heather is to be Master Keith's new Ponygirl, and so her training begins... He has her outside tied up where he then flogs her arse and grabs some stinging nettles !!!.. they dio make her wriggle as he rubs them on her arse!!!! ..A little later she is suspended between some tree's and Master Keiths cohort arrives with his slave...The two girls certainly get put through their paces...