Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  0
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  1
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  2
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  3
Slave Girls Arsehole Stretch Part One  4

Master Keith has a good friend, Mr B Stretch, and Mr Stretch loves nothing more than using his hand made wooden arsehole stretchers on female slaves. They are so beautifully made, and he inserts them in size order stretching Annika's arse more and more...

Bound and Caged Slave 0
Bound and Caged Slave 1
Bound and Caged Slave 2
Bound and Caged Slave 3
Bound and Caged Slave 4

Mistress Demonic brings slave Leo into her chambers, and wastes no time in putting him in an arm binder. A leg spreader is added and she fastens his arms up behind and pulls them, and leaves him there for a while struggling... On her return she frees him and makes him get some shoes and stockings and put them on. As well as worshipping and massaging her legs and feet before she finally cages him.

Test Spanks

Grandfather Timothy16:02 MinutenSpanking
Test Spanks 0
Test Spanks 1
Test Spanks 2
Test Spanks 3
Test Spanks 4

Take one old man and 2 naughty young ladies. He is not happy with them, they're not doing their homework, not doing as they are told, the result a severe OTK spanking for them both and two very red hot bottoms!

Kia's Suspension

Master Keith und Slave Kia21:23 MinutenBDSM
Kia's Suspension 0
Kia's Suspension 1
Kia's Suspension 2
Kia's Suspension 3
Kia's Suspension 4

Master Keith takes Slavegirl Kai down into his dungeon, once there he puts clamps on her pussy lips and adds chains to keep them open, then it is onto suspension for her with some pussy fingering as well... up and up she goes suspended by her wrists and ankles with a wide open pussy!

Slave Girl Milking Antics 0
Slave Girl Milking Antics 1
Slave Girl Milking Antics 2
Slave Girl Milking Antics 3
Slave Girl Milking Antics 4

Salve Genna is made to lactte and Master Keith ejyos a some in his tea . . .

Scrubbers Chores

Master Keith15:39 MinutenFemdom
Scrubbers Chores 0
Scrubbers Chores 1
Scrubbers Chores 2
Scrubbers Chores 3
Scrubbers Chores 4

Master Keith decides it is time that slave Becki cleaned up the house... she dustes, polishes and cleans all under the watchful eye of Master...

Correction Unit 2

Master Keith14:53 MinutenBDSM
Correction Unit 2 0
Correction Unit 2 1
Correction Unit 2 2
Correction Unit 2 3
Correction Unit 2 4

If you misbehave then expect to pay for it.. Inside the correction unit the female guard soon makes the inmate pay for her indiscretions, its over the desk and a serious spanking occurs..

The Slave is Late ...

23:29 MinutenFemdom
The Slave is Late ... 0
The Slave is Late ... 1
The Slave is Late ... 2
The Slave is Late ... 3
The Slave is Late ... 4

Mistress Demonic is not happy, her slave Leo is late and he will pay for that mistake, he is made to go onto the whipping horse and punished but htats not over, then she puts him on the St Andrews Cross and attaches electrdoes to his cock and balls and really has fun turning the currant up and up ...He wont be late again thats for certain...

Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  0
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  1
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  2
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  3
Slave Sue's Stinging Nettle Torment  4

Master Keith ties up slave Sue, he humiliates her, whips and canes her then grabs some stinging nettles and uses them to sting and torment her cunt!

Slave Training in thee Woods 0
Slave Training in thee Woods 1
Slave Training in thee Woods 2
Slave Training in thee Woods 3
Slave Training in thee Woods 4

Master Keith and his co-hort have gone ot the woods with Salve Hillie and Slave Suzi, its a lovely day and the Masters want ot have some fun ...The slaves are tied together back to back , while the Masters go off for a smoke, on thier return they toe one hand of each slave together and get them to spank eath others arses, Suzi kisses and suckles on Hillies tits and then under a picnic table goes Hillie ot give her Master  a blow job...