Bound and Caged Slave 0
Bound and Caged Slave 1
Bound and Caged Slave 2
Bound and Caged Slave 3
Bound and Caged Slave 4

Mistress Demonic brings slave Leo into her chambers, and wastes no time in putting him in an arm binder. A leg spreader is added and she fastens his arms up behind and pulls them, and leaves him there for a while struggling... On her return she frees him and makes him get some shoes and stockings and put them on. As well as worshipping and massaging her legs and feet before she finally cages him.

The Castle - Part One 0
The Castle - Part One 1
The Castle - Part One 2
The Castle - Part One 3
The Castle - Part One 4

Part One of a Trilogy... Take a beautiful Gothic Castle, Master Keith & one of his sadistic cohorts and you can guarantee the slave wont be left hanging aorund.... or will she?.. Master Keith leaves the slave in the charge of Mistress Alisha who takes her upstairs and makes her strip, and leaves her in the cold room to await her fate ... On Mistress's return the slave is cuffed and her arms put into an arm bag, then a good hard paddling on her arse before she is taken down to Master Keith... He takes the flogger out on her already sore and bruised arse before both Master & Mistress take turns in using paddles and crops...

Master & Mistress Playtime  0
Master & Mistress Playtime  1
Master & Mistress Playtime  2
Master & Mistress Playtime  3
Master & Mistress Playtime  4

Mistress DeVille brings Salve Polly and Slave Charlie down into the dungeon, she makes them both kneel on all fours and then Master Keith arrives... Now the fun shall begin ( well it will for the Master & Mistress !!) Master soon removes Polly panties and helps Mistress put slave Charlie onto the crucifix and then Polly is tied over the whipping bench where a good spanking and cropping are given so her arse is sore and red....

Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 0
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 1
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 2
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 3
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirls Test 4

Miss Cameo decides its time slave Rhiannon was tested, she begins by allowing the girl to lick and worship her long leather boots, then she puts Rhiannon against the cross and squeezes and torments her tits ... clamps and weights are put on her cunt lips then out comes the flogger... Once satisfied Cameo then makes the slave lay on the sofa and play with her cunt ...

Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  0
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  1
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  2
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  3
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl  4

Miss Cameo, beautiful in only a corset and thigh boots brings Slave Rhiannon into her dungeon, she makes the slave put on cuffs and goes ot sit on her throne ... Miss Cameo then spanks, crops and generally enjoys herself and makes Rhiannon lick and kiss her long leather boots... She puts clamps on the slaves pussy and adds weights and then makes her bend over !!

Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 0
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 1
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 2
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 3
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 4

Miss Caemo, tall and beautiful, dressed in a corset, leather gloves and leather thigh boots brings her slavegirl to the dungeon, makes her put leather cuffs on and then sits on her throne, its not long before the slave is ready for Mistresses ministrations , she spanks the slaves arse, tells her off then puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips and makes her swing them for amusement, then out comes the crop which is used !!!

Mistress Waits Part One 0
Mistress Waits Part One 1
Mistress Waits Part One 2
Mistress Waits Part One 3
Mistress Waits Part One 4

It does not do if you make Mistress wait for you, and punishment is the order of the day for crystal, she has made Mistress Alicia wait while she is off gallivanting with her friends, of course Mistress is very cross and takes the slave to her dungeon where she punishes the slave !!..

FemDom Scorn 0
FemDom Scorn 1
FemDom Scorn 2
FemDom Scorn 3
FemDom Scorn 4

Mistress DeVille has Slave J tied up outside of her dungeon , she brings the slave in and then takes her up 2 flights of stairs to an attic room where she puts her on a suspension bar & begins to flog her tits and cunt, suddenly Mistress Persia arrives she slaps the slaves tuts and says a few words before leaving to attend to her male slave who is in the dungeon.. Mistress DeVille then grabs a crop and uses that on Slave J ... Meanwhile in the dungeon Mistress Persia has her male slave kneeling while she rubs lemon on his back where she has whipped him with barbed wire.. Slave J is brought down now the fun really starts!

Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 0
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 1
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 2
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 3
Mistress Danhellas' Electric Slavegirl 30 mins 4

Mistress Danhella has Rhinannon in the cgae & arrives and takes her out only to put her straight over the whipping horse and giving her a dammed good spanking, cropping & caning.... then its onto the rack, stretched and out comes the violet wand, Mistress uses the Violet Wand on her nipples, and pussy! . . . and what a good shot she is with it, you can see the sparks fly from the nipple piercings and right on the nipple end !!.. Rhiannon also endures pussy slapping ...Rhiannon is then taken to the shower room where she pisses on her & then Rhiannon  is allowed to masturbate while Mistress uses the heels of her stilettos on the slaves nipples and tits ...

Chinese Fisting 0
Chinese Fisting 1
Chinese Fisting 2
Chinese Fisting 3
Chinese Fisting 4

Danielle is under the whip and cane and paddle of Ms E.Vie and is put on the whipping bench to be delat with!.. After the caning and with a sore arse she is laid on her back on another whipping bench and clothespegs are put on her nipples and a crop is used, then as a treat she is fingered and fisted !