Bad Girls Shopping Trip 0
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 1
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 2
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 3
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 4

Slave girl Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, she arrives at his shop wearing a coat, suspender belt and stockings!.. He soon has her fitted out in a different belt plus a tightly laced corset and takes her down into his dungeon... Then it's into the cage with her wrists padlocked to the bars, on to tit torment, biting, clamps and slapping . . . . .

Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  0
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  1
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  2
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  3
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  4

Master Keith has Slave Crystal in a gas mask, he puts her huge tits in bondage and adds clamps and weights, he has fixed up chains to her pussy piericngs so everytime her legs move the lips are pulled... He laces her corset wise...

Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 0
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 1
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 2
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 3
Miss Cameo's  Slavegirl Cropped 4

Miss Caemo, tall and beautiful, dressed in a corset, leather gloves and leather thigh boots brings her slavegirl to the dungeon, makes her put leather cuffs on and then sits on her throne, its not long before the slave is ready for Mistresses ministrations , she spanks the slaves arse, tells her off then puts clamps and weights on her pussy lips and makes her swing them for amusement, then out comes the crop which is used !!!

Suspended Bondage

Master Keith und Slave Rachel15:35 MinutenBDSM
Suspended Bondage 0
Suspended Bondage 1
Suspended Bondage 2
Suspended Bondage 3
Suspended Bondage 4

Master Keith has Rachel and her friend climb the stairs to his suspension room, no sooner are they there and out comes the rope!!< Rachel is put into a pretty rope harness and it is then used to suspend her from the eaves of the room !!!

Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 0
Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 1
Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 2
Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 3
Her 1st visit to Debtors Dungeon 4

It does not pay to owe the great Master Keith money .. If you do not pay your debts then you must accept the consequences.. The naughty non payer is caged while Master Keith enjoys a cigarette and makes phone calls ... she is eventually taken to the dungeon where she is caged again, finally let out and undergoes her punishment ......

Waxed and whipped

Master Keith und Slave Kia15:48 MinutenBDSM
Waxed and whipped 0
Waxed and whipped 1
Waxed and whipped 2
Waxed and whipped 3
Waxed and whipped 4

Master Keith takes slavegirl Kai, he blindfolds her, she is put on the rack, he grabs a candle and wax is dripped on her, once he is bored of that he unties her and puts her over the whipping bench where he whips her cute arse and finally fingers her to orgasm ....she is as the title says Waxed and whipped !!!

She's in Trouble.

Master Keith17:30 MinutenBDSM
She's in Trouble. 0
She's in Trouble. 1
She's in Trouble. 2
She's in Trouble. 3
She's in Trouble. 4

Naughty Sophia Ballare is in trouble yet again, but this time she is in trouble with non other than Master Keith... And he wont take any of her old lip!!.. Its down to his dungeon and over the whipping bench where she is subjected to a good spanking and paddling, but you will have to watch to see exactly what happens ...

Rent Waiting

Master Keith und Slave Becki19:35 MinutenBDSM
Rent Waiting  0
Rent Waiting  1
Rent Waiting  2
Rent Waiting  3
Rent Waiting  4

Master Keith does not like to be kept waiting for his rent and Becky is not very good at paying hers . . . So Master takes her upstairs, throws her on the bed and puts her into a corset laced tightly and cuffs are then added. He then suspends her, legs wide open and flogs her, then pussy weights are added along with a gag but of course thats not all !!!

Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 0
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 1
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 2
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 3
Slavegirl Fisted by Master Keith 4

Mistress DeVille has pretty Slavegirl Charlie gagged & fastened on the cross with weights hanging from her pussy, then suddenly Master Keith arrives just as the weights fall off, a few well aimed slaps at the slaves pussy and then she is released and carries Master across the dungeon like a pony ... Slave Polly is then removed from the cage and so the fisting fun begins !!!

Caged &  Corsetted . . .  0
Caged &  Corsetted . . .  1
Caged &  Corsetted . . .  2
Caged &  Corsetted . . .  3
Caged &  Corsetted . . .  4

Pretty slavegirls Susie and Hillie are naked and chained in a cage ... Suddenly Master Keith and Master Billy arrive and take from the cage, but they are immediately tethered outside of it and frilly skirts and corsets are put on both girls, and oy are those corsets laced tightly ...Once both Master are happy with the attire and tightly laced corsets the slavegirls are taken upstairs to another room where Susie is put into a trunk