The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave...

30.01.2018 Master Keith und Slave J 22:43 Minuten BDSM
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 0
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 1
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 2
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 3
The Very Rebellious Blonde Slave... 4

Master Keith is so fed up of Slave J , she is rude, gobby, rebellious, and totally obnoxious, so Master decides it is high time she was taught a lesson she will not forget .... And he enlists the help of Master Nyle to help... Firstly she is put onto the St Andrews Cross where needles and chains are put thru her nipples, lots of ropes and chains are added before she is put over the whipping horse and her arse is beaten !!!

Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment

23.01.2018 Master Keith und Slave Polly/ Cindy 13:29 Minuten BDSM
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 0
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 1
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 2
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 3
Lava Lamp & Lager Can Torment 4

Only Master Keith would think of using a Lava Lamp to go up a slave's pussy!... But it won't just be the lamp that goes up there as slave Polly soon discovers!

Breast Waxing

16.01.2018 14:57 Minuten Femdom
Breast Waxing  0
Breast Waxing  1
Breast Waxing  2
Breast Waxing  3
Breast Waxing  4

Mistress has a pretty slavegirl and Mistress loves nothing more than playing with candles resulting in hot wax being poured, in this instance on the slaves tits.

Bad Girls Shopping Trip

09.01.2018 Master Keith und Slave Rhiannon 17:19 Minuten BDSM
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 0
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 1
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 2
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 3
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 4

Slave girl Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, she arrives at his shop wearing a coat, suspender belt and stockings!.. He soon has her fitted out in a different belt plus a tightly laced corset and takes her down into his dungeon... Then it's into the cage with her wrists padlocked to the bars, on to tit torment, biting, clamps and slapping . . . . .

Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl

15.12.2017 Master Keith und Slave Crystal/The Runt 14:33 Minuten BDSM
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  0
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  1
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  2
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  3
Gas Mask and Lace Slavegirl  4

Master Keith has Slave Crystal in a gas mask, he puts her huge tits in bondage and adds clamps and weights, he has fixed up chains to her pussy piericngs so everytime her legs move the lips are pulled... He laces her corset wise...

The Castle - Part One 0
The Castle - Part One 1
The Castle - Part One 2
The Castle - Part One 3
The Castle - Part One 4

Part One of a Trilogy... Take a beautiful Gothic Castle, Master Keith & one of his sadistic cohorts and you can guarantee the slave wont be left hanging aorund.... or will she?.. Master Keith leaves the slave in the charge of Mistress Alisha who takes her upstairs and makes her strip, and leaves her in the cold room to await her fate ... On Mistress's return the slave is cuffed and her arms put into an arm bag, then a good hard paddling on her arse before she is taken down to Master Keith... He takes the flogger out on her already sore and bruised arse before both Master & Mistress take turns in using paddles and crops...

Slavegirls Shaving & Waxing

01.12.2017 17:59 Minuten Hairy, Stripping
Slavegirls Shaving & Waxing 0
Slavegirls Shaving & Waxing 1
Slavegirls Shaving & Waxing 2
Slavegirls Shaving & Waxing 3
Slavegirls Shaving & Waxing 4

The slavegirls need a good shave and wax...

Slave Girl Caning

21.11.2017 Master Keith 19:14 Minuten BDSM, Femdom, Male Domination
Slave Girl Caning 0
Slave Girl Caning 1
Slave Girl Caning 2
Slave Girl Caning 3
Slave Girl Caning 4

 The slavegirl's getting a good caning...

My Play Things

14.11.2017 Master Keith 15:13 Minuten BDSM, Domination, Male Domination
My Play Things 0
My Play Things 1
My Play Things 2
My Play Things 3
My Play Things 4

Master Keith has some new things to play with...

Ponygirl Holiday

07.11.2017 Master Keith und Slave Heather 14:02 Minuten BDSM
Ponygirl Holiday  0
Ponygirl Holiday  1
Ponygirl Holiday  2
Ponygirl Holiday  3
Ponygirl Holiday  4

Master Keith and a couple of friends and slaves have gone on holiday, of course out comes the buggy after all Master Keith is famous worldwide for ponygirls ! He trots her up the lanes in full view of other holiday makers! Then he tethers her to a post while he enjoys a cigarette . . . Once he has finished it back up the village lanes and streets he goes, before coming to rest in a flied, here he strips her off ...but what happens next?