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Goddess Demonic is not happy, she has found out that oneo f her slaves has sneaked out and got so inebriated she pissed the bed !!... So outside goes Goddess with slaves Danielle and Sophia, she makes Danielle lay down on the cold concrete , tells her off, slaps her in the cunt then pisses all over the girl .. Of course thats not the only form of punishment for the hapless naughty slave...

Once showered and dried Danielle is made to go over the whipping bench where her arse is given a paddling & caning by Goddess Demonic much to the amusement of her friend and co-hort Miss Cameo, slave Sophia is also given a beating before Goddess Decides the best way to remove the hair from Danielles cunt is with a pair of tweezers, a nice little job for slave Sophia!!!